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mommajenn13 07-28-2011 12:20 PM

Boyish Flip covers, Econobum covers/prefolds
Hoverers: Flip covers, Econobum covers and prefolds. Washed in Original Tide. Soakers/inserts dried in the dryer, covers hung to dry. Smoke free, outside dog home.

First up:

Flip covers:

2 new Flip covers in Twilight(snaps) and Sold-Clementine(aplix). These have been washed once and never worn. [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"] $12ppd COLOR]

2 Flip covers, EUC. Ribbit has a small pen mark on the front (pictured) but otherwise is in EUC. Moonbeam is EUC. No elastic or snap issues. $9ppd for Ribbit, $10ppd for Moonbeam

Pen Mark:

Elastic compared to a new Flip (in the middle)

1 Flip, washed once and never worn. Ribbit $12ppd

1 Moonbeam Flip. GUC. This one has no snap reinforcement on the inside. Snaps are all perfect. Elastic is a little relaxed (pictured) compared to new, but functions perfectly. $9ppd

Moonbeam on Right, compared to new Flip on the left:

1 Moonbeam Flip (not sure why the color looks lighter in my pictures). GUC but has a stain because DS wore it to eat cake at his first birthday party! I can't get it out, but it function normally. Slightly relaxed elastic (pictured). The top wing snap on the right side is squished, so it doesn't work. All other snaps are normal! $7ppd


Elastic (on right):

3 New Econobum. Moonbeam on the right is a second quality, but I can't find the problem. Washed and never worn. $7ppd each, $6ppd for the 2nd quality

2 Econobum Prefolds. New, prepped but never worn! $1 each+shipping to you

Make me an offer! I will discount multiple items and combine shipping. Thanks for looking! Check out my other thread for Rainshine Designs pockets:

Sold below here:
20 Grobaby soakers. No TPU backing. Most all of them have some degree of staining. A few soakers are dingy. First come first serve on these! I prefer to sell in lots of 5 or more. $4 each on lightly stained+actual shipping to you. $3 on dingy/heavier stained+actual shipping to you. If you buy all 20 for $70, FREE SHIPPING! Again, these all have stains, no stinkies, and work great! SOLD, Thanks!

SOLD! 2 Grovia soakers with TPU backing. The bottom one is very dingy. The top one is brand new, only washed, but the top soaker piece (that's only sewn on each end) shrunk up weirdly and doesn't lay as flat as I'd like it. $4 for the new one+actual shipping to you. $3 for the dingy+actual shipping to you. SOLD thanks mama!!

2 Flip covers. Used once washed once Twilight(aplix). The Butternut cover is a 2nd quality, but I can't find what's wrong with it! No elastic/snap/aplix issues. $11ppd for the Twilight, $9ppd for Butternut-

2 New Flip Organic inserts. Washed once. $5+shipping to you or $13ppd for both.

1 Flip Organic insert. Used. Very light shadow stains, wouldn't show up on the picture. $3+shipping to you

1 Flip Organic insert. Used. No stains. $4+shipping to you

1 Flip Organic insert. Used. Dingy, shadow stains that wouldn't show up. It's sorta stained a pinkish color. $3+shipping to you.

5 Flip Stay Dry Inserts. The one on the right is new, washed once. The other 4 are used, no stains, 2 of them the suedecloth is a tiny bit pilly. $3+shipping to you for the new one, $2+shipping to you each for the used ones SOLD thanks mama!!

mommajenn13 07-28-2011 04:48 PM

Bump. Mmao!

mommajenn13 07-29-2011 05:44 AM

Morning bump!

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