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Gita 12-19-2011 08:25 AM

ISO: nb diapering, maternity, pp pads, 2T hoodies, IHA:NWOT prefolds + lots!!
Oh my, we are very very unexpectedly pregnant. ISO some stuff for my new squishy, and a few things for my current kids too :), especially ISO 2T (or 3T if shrunk from washing) hoodie sweaters or sweatshirts for my daughter.

I have lots to trade. Added more 0-9m boy clothes , 12m-2T girls clothes. - I have lots of stuff to trade- household, NIP toys, camping stuff, baby boy, WAHM wares (jewelry, wipes cases, paci clips, hair bows, embroidery) and more...and I haven't even gotten to the bins of mama ( S&M) and mens (Lg & XL) clothes to photograph/list. Ask if I have something - I might - and I love to trade.

IDSO: top priority
IDSO: nb fitted diapers - velcro or snaps, don't care about brand, color, or prints but gn best as we don't know yet what we're having.
ISDO: 4-6 nb covers, I like nb prowraps , xs thirsties covers , nb rumparooz , or mini blueberry coveralls :)
IDSO: med maternity
1-2 med sweaters, med-heavyweight,
IDSO 1 black or gray maternity cardigan to wear inside in my super ACed classrooms!

IDSO: 2T hoodie sweatshirts or sweaters for my DD, prefer with zippers

IDSO: unscented wool wash with lanolin[/COLOR]

actively looking for
IDSO:NIP SIGG replacement tops
IDSO: rechargeable AA and AAA batteries

ISO, not high priority but will happily trade for these
ISO: Little Einstein DVDs, Wonderpet, SuperWhy, Dora, Diego, Blues Clues (full length movies only), Thomas the Train movies - I have listed the DVDs we already have in post #3, pls check as I don't need duplicates
ISO: now that our stash needs to last for 3, I am ISO more fitteds - Prefer bamboo, will take nb, small, med, and OS Favorite brands are: raven tree diapers, short rounds (smalls only pls), sweet soft simple, bellini baby, green sprout, ODC, and megaroos.
ISO: very baby simply night diapers mediums or ml
IDSO: Blueberry OS cover in owls, hands, or giraffes only
ISO: splat mat
ISO: dryer balls
ISO: toys for 2yr old, for a girl but prefer gender neutral, looking for educational and manual dexterity toys, prefer natural products (wood over plastic), also especially looking for food accessories - plates, cups, pots, etc (not food) and a tea set
ISO: thomas the train or brio train tracks - ISDO switches, will consider wooden trains too
ISO: books - The Story of Ping, One Morning in Maine, Dr. Seuss, Maurice Sendack, etc.
ISO: baby/toddler clothes -
little girl: shorts and pants (knit, we're good on jeans) in 24m or 2T for super slender but tall little girl,
2T short sleeve shirts,
baby boy:
6-24m baby boy short sleeve shirts,
12-24m boy socks (not stretched out, good elastic at cuff)
always tempted by cute rompers, tall and slender brands like Carters work best
new baby: will let you know when we know the sex!

Craft ISO
IDSO: disney fabric
ISO: embroidery supplies: Robison-Anton rayon thread (any color), stabilizers, New shirts or onesies
ISO: 9x6 (or 20x6) pieces of fabric, larger prints ok. Picts a MUST. only looking for cottons
ISO: fabric scraps for applique, picts a MUST
ISO:mini hot glue gun sticks
ISO: Kam snaps, like to have a variety on hand

Here are links to my photos:
0-9m girl clothes
12m-2T girl clothes
0-24 baby boy clothes
general FSOT
fitted diapers,covers, and accessories
crafts (boutique wipes cases, paci clips, hairbows)
jewelry I make

*PUR water filter (attaches to sink faucet) with new filter just added (and used less than 1 week) + 1 NIP filter
*sheer curtains - orange (orange still available) and ivory (crinkly), green (just sheer) (84in length)
* sheer ivory curtains with blue flower design
*Australian tea towel/wall art
*hand towels - 4, all solid colors - yellow & green, light pink & hot pink
*EUC ivory pillow cases (2)
*netgear modem (wired & wireless)

Baby items
*various books - see photos in FSOT photobucket
* 12.5 oz enfamil 0-12m powder formula, exp 4/13
*24oz enfamil 0-12m powder formula, exp 5/13

*NIP MAM pacis (green) 0-2m
*little Einstein primary colors toy
*MAM paci clips - 3 pink, 1 white
*NIP photo box
*Munchkin stroller attachment - carry bag with drink cups

mama items
*Isabel's journey purse
*scarves (see photos here)
*size small summer dress
*NIP Tom's of Maine Lavender roll on deodorant
* 12p jeans
* med skirt
*PM blue 3/4 sleeve button down shirt

*size small - 2 pair shorts, 1 shirt - all quick dry material
*size small - cover up shirt with mesh back for coolness, long sleeve, or can roll up/button up sleeves
*2 PUR water filters - you will need to replace the filter cartridge
*size small thermal shirt
*inflatable chair
*pac-safe mesh protector for your framepack - TV $60
*size medium winter gloves (heavy)
* maroon winter scarf
*xs navy colored Old Navy fleece pullover
*2 pair black wool socks & 2 pair sock liners
* a few warm knee-high socks
*heat pads, emergency blanket
*tube tent
*EUC gators

craft items
* 3/4th lb of beeswax for cream, candles, soap making
*beading wire
* silky, Chinese-like fabric, more than 3 yards + 46inch remnant
* heavy green fabric, hemmed, 54x36 inches
*some gross grain ribbon
*other random fabric
*NIP tie dye felt + 2 other pieces
*2 McCalls patterns - dress and skirt
* key rings
*22 gauge artisan wire
*reusable letters, NIP

Diaper stuff IHA
due to suddenly expecting #3, don't have much, but here is what is available, some items I still need to take picts of, some pict here.
*2 NIP packages of 12 each, Chinese white prefolds, these ones
*12 infant osocozy prefolds (from amazon, listing here, cost me $18, washed/prepped one time, and then I realized they were too small

*motherease stay dry liner- NWOT
*EEUC/like new small white thirsties cover
* 2 small bummis white covers - can be used as swim diapers or as a cover (bummis original cover) (VGUC)
*2 gn small fitted hemp cloth indulgence diapers
*1 random fitted with chile (hot peppers) print
*1 swimway swim diaper (maybe)
* limited quantity of 0-9m girl clothes
*continually adding more 12-2T girl clothes
*nb/0-3 and assorted baby boy clothes
*med maternity clothes - summer fall listed, also have winter clothes

I also make jewelry, and paci clips, wipes cases, and hair bows, amber teething necklaces, CD safe diaper cream. I will trade my crafts for special items I really want, but unless something is in stock I consider it a *special trade* and the time it takes to make the item *must be factored into the TV*. I will trade handmade for handmade at equal value.

Please note that all items come from a non-smoking house, but we do have 3 cats. I try to keep them away from the trade items, but I cannot guarantee my items have never been in contact with cats, so if you have serious cat allergies pls don't trade with me.

Pls SPAM me with what you have or PM me.
Thanks so much! :goodvibes:

Gita 12-26-2011 09:39 AM

Re: ISO: baby legs, med wetbags, bummis liners, IHA: clothes, jewlery, wipes cases
List of found items - thank you mamas!
nursing sleep bras
thirsties duo 1 with snaps
baby boy shoes
2T girl jeans with adjustable waist
gumball Rarz cover
blueberry covers (traded for some, bought some)
baby boy clothes
toddler girl clothes
crib sham
short rounds diaper
hot glue sticks (but can always use more)
wool soaker
winter 2T/3T clothes
various diapers
scented wool wash
more clothes for winter
maternity pants
maternity work shirts

Gita 12-27-2011 09:18 PM

Re: ISO: baby legs, med wetbags, liners, 24m/2t shirts IHA: clothes, jewlery, wipes c
List of DVDs we already have

Little Einstein
Mission Impossible

Pirate Adventure
Super Silly Fiesta
3 kings Day
Big Sister Dora
Catch the Star
Ultimate Adventure (3 DVD set)
Dora's Halloween

Blues Clues
Big Musical Movie

Baby Genius
Animal Adventure
Trip to the San Diego Zoo

Potty Time
Head to Toe
Flowers, Banana's & More
Elmo has two! Hands, Ears & Feet

Sesame St.
Sing yourself Silly
Learning Triple Feature

Thomas the Train (Thomas & Friends)
Make Someone Happy
Thomas's Snowy Surprise

Land Before Time (which she has yet to show interest in :( )
Journey Through the Mists
Magical Discoveries
Secret of Saurus Rock
Time of the Great Giving

Gita 12-31-2011 08:45 AM

Re: ISO: fleece, baby legs, med wetbags, 24m/2t shirts IHA: clothes, jewlery, wipes c

Gita 01-05-2012 06:56 PM

Re: ISO: enfamil checks/coupons, fitteds, wetbag IHA: clothes, jewlery, wipes cases

Gita 01-13-2012 01:25 PM

Re: ISO: enfamil checks/coupons, fitteds, wetbag IHA: clothes, jewlery, wipes cases

Windexqueen22 01-13-2012 04:52 PM

I have coupons and samples! I also have a suit for boys FS on here (on my phone can't link)!

Gita 01-13-2012 05:20 PM

Re: ISO: enfamil checks/coupons, fitteds, wetbag IHA: clothes, jewlery, wipes cases
Will PM you


Originally Posted by Windexqueen22 (Post 14449130)
I have coupons and samples! I also have a suit for boys FS on here (on my phone can't link)!

Gita 01-15-2012 05:51 PM

Re: ISO: enfamil checks/coupons, fitteds, wetbag IHA: clothes, jewlery, wipes cases

Gita 01-20-2012 12:11 PM

Re: ISO: enfamil, med wetbags, med covers IHA: clothes, jewlery, wipes cases
:bump: looking for covers and wetbags

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