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anniekins1488 11-19-2012 08:12 PM

Need some quick advice on cold/cough medicines, please?
So my older 2 DDs and I got the FluMist vaccination last week, and now DD1 and I are sick. DD2 did have a fever and sniffles for several days after her vaccine but she is fine now. DD1 and I got it a few days later than DD2 (last Wed) and have been sick for 2 days now. DD seems to be recovering with just sniffles now, no cough or anything. I on the other hand, am getting sicker! :banghead::banghead: I KNEW I should've just gotten the shot instead of the stupid live virus nasal thing... I wanted to spare DD the shot though, and I did my nasal thing first so she wasn't afraid of it.

I assume all of this is our immunological response to the vaccines... although I wonder why I am not getting over it and getting sicker each day.

ANYWAY... I'm feeling really miserable right now and can hardly breathe. Nasal congestion as well as wheezing/tightness in my chest. I really want to take something to ease my symptoms a little, but I'm afraid of affecting my milk supply. I don't have it in me to research what is ok or not ok to take right now. Please help me out mamas? What have you taken that didn't negatively affect your supply? What is considered "safe" to take while breastfeeding?

TIA! :goodvibes:

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