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oXChrissyXo 11-29-2012 01:18 PM

Reflux or something else? (Swallow study?)
Hi ladies,

I posted early about making a thread solely for my sons reflux.
Since my son was able to receive breastmilk through a GI tube he has had problems with spitting/throwing up and has gradually gotten worse. He is now 8 months old 16lbs and 28 1/2 inches he has lost weight because he throws almost every bottle up. He eats an average of 7 to 8 bottles a day and acts very hungry when he eats. It usually doesn't cause him any pain even when we give him his meds late which doesn't happen very often. We originally thought it was because I had to stop BF (I have PCOS and hypothyroid) because my milk supply was decreasing. So we switch to formula NEOsure with added rice cearal and his zantac and still he throws it back up.

We had talked to his ped and he doesn't seem all that concerned (Yes, we are switching most likely) but when his EarlyOn Nurse came to visit him she seemed very concerned and order him a visit with one of the peditricains at their clinic who sees preemies often. She said the Dr. might suggest a swallow study which basically will inject dye through his mouth and his upper GI or something like that. Has anyone had to go through this before? What do they do? could it be something else other than reflux? was the study helpful?

CASMama711 11-29-2012 03:58 PM

Re: Reflux or something else? (Swallow study?)
If he's still throwing up on Zantac, I would discontinue the Zantac and try a different formula.

twinmomstl 01-26-2013 11:36 AM

Re: Reflux or something else? (Swallow study?)
They will have him 'eat' something that has a dye so they can track where it goes to see if he is refluxing or not. It would give you an answer but won't solve the problem. Zantac or other reflux meds won't stop the refluing it just makes it not so acidic so it isn't as painful. In general peds aren't usually concerned when the babies are still gaining weight and following the growth curve. Some times kiddos need a more broken down formula like nutramagin, progestamil or the like. Was your baby a preemie? Does he take all his feedings now? I was a little confused at the beginning when you are talking about a g tube. I'm guessing an NG when he was in the hospital right?

shortcake2386 01-26-2013 12:17 PM

Re: Reflux or something else? (Swallow study?)
zantac didnt work for us, prevacid did though when combined with maalox. BUT she still spits up every bottle and fusses most days, but spits up less in quantity. now that she is 7 months and we started introducing solids(BLW) we think she is gluten intolerant:/ which would explain a lot. we had a swallow study done and they only looked to make sure the BM was going down her esophagus and not into her lungs. the stomach emptying test watched the barium to see what percentage stayed own vs. came up.

luvsviola 01-30-2013 09:01 PM

Re: Reflux or something else? (Swallow study?)
I would push for a referral to a developmental ped. This sounds exactly like my son. It didn't get better til we switched to a G-J tube. We were doing one ounce every 45 minutes in his NG, and he was still puking, and then we did continuous feeds through the G tube at 30 mL an hour, and he still puked. We tried a bunch of motility aids, with no luck.

Swallow study is actually really cool, and easy. If you find nothing, ask for gastric emptying and upper GI. Also ask for a RAST (blood) allergy test. It is just a blood draw, and may find a hidden allergy. We found our son was allergic to soy, and he had shown no "classic" symptoms.

Elecare is magic, and might help too. Now my son is on Peptamin Jr, and has done well. But Elecare really helped.

IMO, Zantac does nothing for most kids. Prilosec was the one that helped us most, but some kids do better on Prevacid. We had to get a good healthy dose to help DS. Our ped only wrote for half of what GI wrote for!

If your ped is blowing you off and telling you it is a "laundry problem" (what we were told forever), push to see someone else. Constant vomitting leads to food aversion and feeding problems later on. In my experience, Developmental Peds are often better than GI docs at this kind of stuff.

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