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bigmamakelsey 12-05-2012 07:00 PM

Whats OTW/ITW?
Let's play!! I feel like I have some great stuff coming!! :D

3 bububebe fitteds
2 poppy fields fitteds

4 dunk n fluff PUL wraps
2 dunk n fluff fitteds

I also have some yarn but it's for my sister:giggle:

MrsFelton2009 12-05-2012 08:28 PM

Okay ITW? Not sure what that means Lol BUT....

1 Tangerine Baby
2 Bububebe
4 Ragababes
2 wool longies set
1 applique shirt for ^^

Could be more but I forget and have to recheck my email :)

*Peanut* 12-05-2012 08:31 PM

Re: Whats OTW/ITW?

:D these are the actual ones.

nonipie 12-05-2012 08:48 PM

Re: Whats OTW/ITW?
Ooh I haven't been able to play in a while.

3 Hanna Andersson trainers for DD
Scrappies for DS2
6 red GMD workhorse
Longies from Etsy

ITW all mama-made that I need to finish for their Christmas stockings:
Dragon's Lair longies on Marr Haven
Jacob's Ladder hat for DS1
Morning Dew hat for DD

bigmamakelsey 12-05-2012 08:56 PM

Re: Whats OTW/ITW?

Originally Posted by *Peanut* (Post 16010941)

Eeee!! :lostit: :yourock:

They are awesome, I can't wait!

~*~Sunflower~*~ 12-05-2012 09:02 PM

Re: Whats OTW/ITW?
Oh.My.Goodness. I don't think I even remember at this point! LOL
What I can remember:


2 Flips

1 Organic Flip insert

3 small Mother-Ease Sandy's

2 WAHM NB fitted

CJ's Butter sample in mango

1 Peenut Pants
1 Kiwi Pie
1 Lucy's Hope Chest
(Why yes, I am old school! LOL)
Some Enfamil LOL

4 Dunk-N-Fluff fitteds in small & med

Hopefully, a baby for all of this. I missed out on 2 day old twins,so I'm getting anxious! LOL

crunchyNurseMommy 12-05-2012 09:24 PM

What is ITW?

I have OTW

Bamboo sandy's
Imagine prefold sampling


c&w's mama 12-05-2012 09:36 PM

Re: Whats OTW/ITW?

Originally Posted by *Peanut* (Post 16010941)

why did I look at this thread!?! now I need to buy a tractor fitted!!

I can't play. My ITW is stinky ;) and soaking.

raymark 12-05-2012 09:47 PM

Re: Whats OTW/ITW?
OTW: NB Bububebe
BuggaBuggaBotique AIO,
Loveybums Crepe Wrap
Loveybums Sherpa Fitted
ITW: 3 NB Nana's Bottoms

elvenmama 12-05-2012 10:01 PM

Re: Whats OTW/ITW?
OTW: 2 Thirsties duo fab fitteds

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