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TalkinBoutMyGirl 12-11-2012 08:29 PM

Favorite Raw Recipes?
We are changing to a mostly raw lifestyle. What we don't eat raw will be whole. I am specifically following the Raw Detox Diet so miscombining foods is a concern. Tell me your favorite raw or whole recipes :)

jbug_4 12-12-2012 04:24 AM

Re: Favorite Raw Recipes?
Not so much a recipe but my favorite lunch is avocado/tomato/cucumber/purple onion salad with a dill vinaigrette. I use the same vinaigrette on broccoli slaw.

mel j 12-13-2012 05:32 PM

Re: Favorite Raw Recipes?
I have been slowly moving in that direction as well :) I've looked at various recipes, and experimented somewhat - but so far, I am actually just liking a lot of things plain, and a lot of the raw recipes I've tried seem like too much effort to bother with. A month or two ago I could NOT eat plain raw avocado. Now, I am actually enjoying it! Same with things like baked butternut squash. It is great plain now. I mostly just mix up vegetables and experiment with different types of salads. Tonight I had a mix of sliced celery, avocado, mushrooms (I did cook the mushrooms in coconut oil) and quinoa (cooked) and I did add a little bit of salt & pepper. I'm not sure of the proper combinations though so I should probably look into that too.

I do really like guacomole and chocolate avocado pudding as well as banana "ice cream". I've tried a couple of raw pie crusts with nuts, but I find they use a LOT of nuts and maple syrup or honey and it's easy too eat way too much. I also do like to juice; I usually just juice organic carrots though but sometimes I'll try other combinations (yesterday I had carrot & Romaine lettuce juice and it looked gross, but it was drinkable and 'not bad' and last week I did carrot-celery-apple and it was good.) I like to shred cabbage and lettuce sometimes; sometimes they're easier to eat that way. Another thing I'd like to try eventually is a spiralizer... I did zucchini "spaghetti" with a peeler and it was pretty good. :)

jbug_4 12-14-2012 04:23 AM

Re: Favorite Raw Recipes?

Originally Posted by mel j (Post 16040388)

I do really like guacomole and chocolate avocado pudding as well as banana "ice cream".

I've been wanting to try the chocolate avocado pudding. Waiting for avocados to go on sale to make. I have always loved avocados. I tried some avocado frosting- lemon and it was just off to me. Been wanting to try the chocolate version of the frosting but haven't had a reason to make a cake.

If you like strawberries put a handful (fresh or frozen) in the processor with your bananas for ice cream- makes it even better.

OP if your not familiar with banana ice cream you just slice a banana (or 2), freeze it then process in a food processor for a few minutes. It takes a few minutes but it does get to the texture of ice cream. Its great 1 ingred ice cream unless you add strawberries like we do, then its 2 ingred. And check out some of these They are not all raw but most are. Look under their plans there are some recipes there that aren't int the recipe section like baked zuc and tomatoes. We like that one a lot. DH doesn't like zuc so I use port mushrooms in place of half the zuc.

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