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taviapea 12-23-2012 01:37 AM

Hey mamas!
If you have a girl or a girl on the way and have boys clothes (from an older son or before birth handmedowns) Id love to trade. If you have a girl and lots of GN stuff that you keep around just because it fits, Id love to do a piece for piece trade with you.
My son is 10m and I will consider all sizes 12m and up. I have preemie-3t girls clothes available (as well as the rest of my IHA).

Pics to come, but if you are interested in anything, tell me and I can take a quick photo for you. I LOVE trades and am open to lots of ideas! I just wanted to get this up before I put it off any longer.
Heres my newest post for baby boy:
thread for girls clothes (preemie-3t):


XS Hotsling in a light blue with dark blue brocade/paisley type print.
Organic crib sheets brand new never opened in GN earthy green.
XS liz lange long sleeve maternity sweater in plum.
Moby Wrap in Sienna, VGUC 30ppd
pic has a crisp sposie for color contrast.
BNIB ALDO Tutaj wedges in black suede size 37 (US 6.5) originally $90, 45ppd
heres a link to view on amazon:
$40 GC for Barnes and Noble (its an egift card, so I would just give you the two codes to verify on your own)
For you homebirth mamas: A disposable perineal cold pack for directly after birth, NIP. Has a sticky side that sticks to your postpartum mamacloth or panties. 5ppd
'Babys First Christmas' Light up ornament, NWT
COUPONS: Target, babiesRUS PM to see what I have in my rotation at the moment.
Hand sanitzer: Purell, Target, Caboodles
Members Mark extra moisturizing bodywash with shea butter
Beautiful wooden fan
NIP Gerber Graduates soft tiped spoons pack of 6 5ppd
Preowned Medela Pump in-style, I bought this used from a friend who bought it brand new, her daughter is 2 so its at least that old. Because of the weight and nature of this item, 60ppd or large trade only
Pumping supplies: 13 Medela milk collection and storage containers with their lids, 1 dr.browns with lid,TRADED 6 of the pump part that connects the breast shield to the storage cup, 3 pairs of breast shields, 1 set of tubing and 1 manual pump
Breast milk storage bags, half used pump parts wipes and 4 sanitizing microwave bags for pump parts and bottles
Homemade preowned hands free pumping band
Preowned potty learning seat with sesame street print
Tooth fairy pillow with pocket for tooth/treat!
NWOT Cooling eye masks to reduce puffiness 5ppd
NIP pacifier w/ clip
NIP rattle
mama clothes (sz xs-m, 00-5)ish shoe sz 6-7: Vintage, trendy, some girly
cloth wipes
wipes solution cubes
NIP johnsons baby soap (one w/ bonus lotion) and huggies lotion
shea moisture lotion lavender and wild orchid
bath and body works lotion
Bath and body works bodywash traded
lots of random unused to half-used makeup items
grovia organic cotton soakers, 6 of them used for about a month 40ppd for all boys clothes link above
preemie-2t girls clothes, look up my threads
2 hooded towels
Giftable, BNIP kidsline mosaic transport lamp (with blue truck)
tommee tippee bottles:
3 5oz bottles all with their lids, 3 slow flow nipples, 2 medium flow nipples and 2 NIP fast flow nipples
BNIP playtex drop in bottles:
3 9oz bottles and 3 5 oz bottles, all come with a few drop ins
preowned bottle brush
MANY preowned bottles: Gerber brand and Avent just ask if your looking, haven't gotten around to pics yet
new gerber bottle with lid, preowned avent bottle with preemie nipple, preowned playtex drop in bottle with two nipples, a pacifier, a nipple shield, and an aspirator
insulated lunch totes, three available one pictured
BNIP Jesus loves me babys first bank

and more that I cannot think of right now, if you have anything in my ISO try me on what your looking for!

~AIOs for 20lbs+ boy/GN
~ disposable diapers in size 3 and up
~PP friendly:) this would be best for me, PM me for price quote
~18m boys winter suit like columbia/patagonia/etc or winter bunting (sack style)
~Smartwool for baby, mama or hubby
~ mamacloth and mamacloth wetbag or Diva cup
~ diaper wetbag in any sizes
~climbing gear for mama or hubby: shoes/harness/etc.
~Wooden toys
~Amber/teething items for baby or mama
~30a/32a bras or xs/s underwear (hey i can try right?)
~jeans/dresses/skirts/sweaters size 00-3
~Boys clothes and accessories 18m and up, 12m rompers w/ short sleeve esp.
~moccasins, vibram, toms for DS, mama, or hubby :)
~origins (ANYTHING!)/burts bees/toms (cinnamon clove toothpaste?)/aveda/any other natural beauty and bath products for mom/dad/baby
~ Wen cleansing conditioner
~ess. oils
~Grovia magic stick rash ointment
~Yoga mat length yoga towel
~crazylibellule and the poppies or Chanel No5
~Beaded/silver/gemstone/feather jewelry or hairthings, Native/African/Asian/Hispanic inspired
MMAO!!! happy swapping!

taviapea 12-23-2012 08:13 PM

Re: IHA/ISO first list in the making!
bump for update!

taviapea 12-24-2012 12:56 PM

Re: IHA/ISO first list in the making!
bump for updates to come!
Just took a TOOOOONNNN of pictures and found lots of other things, will have this post updated when I find time hopefully tonight.
12-14m boys clothes
more beauty products
hard candy primer
cooling and depuffing eye masks
similac/enfamil/gerber checks
baby ralph lauren and nwt izod
medela pump in style
lots of pumping supplies
baby einstein
potty learning seat

taviapea 12-28-2012 03:20 PM

Re: IHA/ISO first list in the making!
bump for updates!

d+a=myloves 12-28-2012 08:27 PM

PMing you.

taviapea 12-28-2012 11:18 PM

Re: IHA/ISO first list in the making!
Bump for new items!

taviapea 12-29-2012 11:27 AM

Re: LOTS ADDED! perineal pack, formula, toys, medela
Bump for note!
I am going to the Post Office on Monday Dec 31st, anything purchased or traded by then will ship Monday.

taviapea 12-30-2012 11:58 AM

Re: LOTS ADDED! perineal pack, formula, toys, medela
bump :)

taviapea 01-02-2013 11:56 AM

Re: LOTS ADDED! perineal pack, formula, toys, medela
bump for one sold and two traded!

taviapea 01-03-2013 12:37 PM

Re: LOTS ADDED! perineal pack, formula, toys, medela

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