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mysticmomma1879 01-22-2013 08:13 PM

Wool galore
new woolies:

Half linen stitch Longies on 2ply bbr. Dear husband "Chinese lanterns for girls. Elastic waist with simple stockinette stitch ruffle.


Unknown dyer/colorway bfl Longies with elastic waist and simple stockinette ruffle.


NEW Fairyblue Rainbow (forget full name) newborn/small (15h, 15r) elastic waist

NEW Scrappy Soaker: Tiptoe Through The Tulips (Disco Baby Knits) on LT M/L (H20, R 19)

mysticmomma1879 01-22-2013 08:16 PM

Used woollies (need was and shave)

Maxi Dress with DBK mystical rainbow on lt:
some staining on collar
chest 22; length 19

Generic dress pattern with DBK Jungle Chic on LT
Chest 22; length 17

Candy girl dress with madtosh vintage stripes
crayon pointing at what may be a slight discoloration of yarn.
Chest 18; length 20

Drawstring skirty on julibeans applefest cassiopea merino
red has bled into cream areas a bit. some felting in wetzone
18/20/18; skirt is 9 inches

Drawstring skirty on thimly w/pink either a gaia or bfl base
18/20/18; skirt is 9.5 inches
There is a soaker under this I forgot to photo.

pink cascade felted capris with elastic waist $5

elastic waist shorties with DBK flight of the fairies on twisted merino
felted wetzone

drawsting waist shorties with ENC little bambino on shetland (I think) wool... feel super soft like gaia/bfl; some felting, well loved

elastic waist kaboom pocket shorts with DBK tiptoe through the tulips on LT
felted wetzone

elastic waist longies with DBK tiptoe through the tulips on MMRW
pockets are dingy

drawstring longies with DBK april showers on BFL
strange second ruffle that I can frog if desired for $5.
18/21/14 (to first ruffle)

Elastic waist longies with tangled on MMRW (maybe dyed by ecowool?)

mysticmomma1879 01-27-2013 10:21 AM

Bear and pants "angel cakes" on Aran twist. Knit by qsefthuko. These are "kaboom pocket pants" with an elastic waist and seed stitch ruffle. $150


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