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mlandorf 01-26-2013 11:53 AM

nb-med girly wool, large boy and GN interlock
WSK Lucy ruffles (cestari)
w 17, h 19, r 16, i 6 (to bottom of ruffle, not including gussett)
35$ ppd
(I also have a 12-18 mo AA solid long sleeve lavender shirt to match it - add 3$ for the shirt) Shirt sold. Woolies available[/URL]

Light mint chip longies on bfl with 6-12 olive l/s AZ flower shirt
w 17, h 20, r 15, i 7.5
60$ for set (23 for shirt and 42$ for longies) - the longies are GN[/URL]

Applefest (by julibeans) on cassiopia merimo (it is a hearty wool that is soft) with 12-18 month cake snowflake shirt
this set is GN
w 18, h 20, r 16.5, i 8.25
the red has bled a little in the wet zone
60$ for set (or 28 for shirt and 37 for longies) - shirt sold[/URL]

Mustago's by caribou knits (Lisa Ramsay) cestari, SUTS snip 'n sails and cowboy colorways. Minimal felting in the gussett only.
w 18, h 21, r 17, i 10.5

Interlock bloomers (melon color) medium apple dumpling gang
w 17, t 9.5
20$ ppd (or make me an offer)
middle is blue cestari soaker
w 18, h 22, r 17, t 9.5
15$ (or make me an offer)
right mm kirkyard soaker on blf, felting in the wet zone
w20, h 22.5, r 16, t 10.5-11
7$ obo[/URL]

Gnome set
Apple dumping Gear knot top fit us 3-15 months (tag says 12 months) chest is 18.5 - sold
medium ADG interlock pumpkin bloomers
w 16.5, t 8.5, r 19
cestari longies (I can't remember the colorway) - these fit a little slim
w 14, h17, 16.5, i 8, t 10 - sold
75$ for the set (will seperate 20 for bloomers, 15 for dress and 42 for longies) - top and woolies sold. Bloomers still available.[/URL]

Newborn girl cables pink longies on bfl
w 15, h 16.5, r 13.5, i 5 with 0-3 gymbo giraffe shirt (with yellowish staining about collar) 35$ for set[/URL]

Recycled wool purple longies with interlock waist band by Sheep in a Heap
with 6-12 AA lavender l/s tee
w 15.5, h 20, r 18, i 8.5
35$ for set[/URL]

Thick wool crepe embroidered longies, diaper and top by patchwork pixie
size 68 cm top and longies and small diaper
diaper has snap in soaker, no stains and rise 11.5-14.5 (unstretched-stretched)
top is chest 19.5 and length 10 shoulder to hem
longies w 19, h 21, r 19, i 8.5
35$ for set[/URL]

red and blue skirty w 15, h 18.5, r 17.5, t 10 25$
Bananafish skirty w 15, h 18, r 15, i 1.5, t 9 30$
cream shorties (great for under dresses) w 15, h 19, r 15, i 3 20$[/URL]

Gaia II on cestari longies
w 20, h 22, r 18, i 11

scrappy longies, play condition. Felted (not from washer/dry, just from wear) these have been through a couple kids. Initally knit by Dwell Wool Knits. THere was a broken thread on the cuff that was repaired. 25$
w 18, h 22, r 16, i 10.5[/URL]

Chocolate bunnies by SHeep in a heap (bearfoot britches I think is their name) size large 50$
w 16, h 20, r 17, i 12 (to sole), sole 5.25

MM Barn Owls on cestari
w 18, h 22, r 17, i 12
(some dingyness on cuff edge)

readyornothb 01-26-2013 02:10 PM

Re: nb-med girly wool and GN interlock
Sent you a PM :)

mlandorf 01-26-2013 02:45 PM

Re: nb-med girly wool and GN interlock
all three twee sold

mlandorf 02-06-2013 06:37 PM

Re: nb-med girly wool, large boy and GN interlock
will discount for multiple purchases

lavender dragonfly 02-17-2013 09:50 PM

Re: nb-med girly wool, large boy and GN interlock
If we get our bfp soon, I am coming back for this! :thud:

mlandorf 02-22-2013 11:03 AM

Re: nb-med girly wool, large boy and GN interlock
updated for solds and pendings

mlandorf 03-06-2013 10:14 AM

Re: nb-med girly wool, large boy and GN interlock
solds removed

Linnea9681 03-09-2013 08:43 AM

Re: nb-med girly wool, large boy and GN interlock
Wish I had a girl!!!

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