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Mom2ManyBlessings 01-30-2013 06:54 PM

Ready To Give Up Again - Ideas??
I've used cloth for about 6 years now. I've been "done" with cloth twice, but end up regretting selling everything both times. I'm tired of washing so many times, I'm tired of diaper rashes, I'm tired of wool maintenance (and he's only been in it for a month or so) I'm just ready for simple and easy. I'm SO over trying new diapers and figuring out what works. This is my last baby, and my first girl to cloth diaper as a little baby (DD was 1 when I started) and I can't imagine using disposables for the next 3 years. I hate the waste, I hate the smell, but LOVE how easy it is!
I'm thinking of selling everything (even my beautiful woolies I took the time to knit/shop for, but dont have time to hand wash) and going to prefolds/flats at home and AIO's for out. . .and then being done, with DS, with diaper shopping, with everything. . .
I have read threads of Mama's feeling like me, did simplifying and then just using it because it's what you have work?

DS is sensitive to many diapers, but it seems prefolds (or any natural fiber) next to his skin works with PUL as long as he's changed often. I have no idea what DD will be like though. . .

Will PF's and Flats be too much work with how many littles I have? Oy, it's so difficult to decide but I'm about to sell it all and not look back. . .

The most appealing options seem to be

1 Dozen Diaper Rite Prefolds in Each Size
1 Dozen Small and 1 Dozen Large Flats
4 Small and 4 Lage Hemp PF's for Nights
6 Covers Each

1 Dozen GMD PF's in Each Size
1 Dozen Small and 1 Dozen Large Flats GMD
6 Workhorse Fitteds Snapless in each Size
6 Covers Each

Seems SO simple, uniform and DD can use DS's when he's done, it'd be cheap to get her new covers if I wanted girly. No buying/selling/thinking.
No "I need to try that. . ." just birth to PT'd and done with it. . .

rooster2012 01-30-2013 07:03 PM

What about prefolds and flats folded into a flip, super easy wash routine :-) Or if you want really easy, I use Joey Bunz Babykicks hemp inserts in my flips. So simple to change and wash. Then maybe you can use prefolds with a booster for nights, I stuff in a BG 4.0 (I generally don't like stuffing pocket dipes, but they work beat for us overnight).

mamatoclaire 01-30-2013 07:37 PM

Sounds awesome mama :) You really can't go wrong with prefolds/flats. And trifolding/padfolding makes them really easy to use. I'd also say if you're feeling burned out, take a sposie break until you want cloth again.

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dagmomma 01-30-2013 08:47 PM

Re: Ready To Give Up Again - Ideas??
Definately have a home system and and out of the house system.

As for wool we are allergic so I can not use it but it does get annoying esp if you have so many (we tried it for 2 in cloth). Interlock wool was a lot easier though bc I actually put that throught the washer.

I would maybe hang on to some wool and then maybe sell the peices you know you will not use.

Pfs and flats are awesome for home. I just purchased 12 md and 12 sm diaper rite prefolds and 2 dz flats. We use flips and econobums.

I think whs would be good if you could do coverless but I know alot of people say you can not go coverless in those. I would at least in the yard.

For my NB due in April I have 18 NB AIOs, 24 flats, 6 fitteds, 5 covers. I think I went overboard on the AIOs though. The flats will just carry me over until pling.

I hate sposies and I hate throwing things away--or buying things I know I will throw away. So for me the AIOs for out of the house and easy use for dh and maybe sisters was key bc I never want to use sposies again.

alaskamum 01-30-2013 09:02 PM

Re: Ready To Give Up Again - Ideas??
I only have 3 kids, and too many options stress me out.
I'm down to:
24 Imagine bamboo flats
a bunch of Flips (I like lots of covers)
6 organic flips for nights
6 stay dry flip inserts (these are leftover from dd1 and not worth selling)
6 pockets
6 aio's (but honestly I never use them and will probably sell them, they are side snapping Simplex so no one but me will ever use them)

FernHollow 01-30-2013 09:09 PM

Re: Ready To Give Up Again - Ideas??
Honestly I would just go with one thing like padfolded flats in Flips or trifolded prefolds, not both. When yi you are really busy with a household full of kids, the last thing you need is diaper clutter or stress. I know for us flats would work best in that situation because of less sizes to store, trimness (meaning it is easier to buy clothes) and because washing is so low fuss. Honestly folding up a couple dozen padfolded flats is no big deal and would leave plenty of room for plenty of extra flips so you don't run out and you have extras for the diaper bag, etc. If you are really worried that folding will be too overwhelming, then you could always choose sized prefolds instead of flats. I am planning on going with Flips and padfolding the new organic flats for my 18mo and sticking with only that because otherwise it really is too much. I totally understand not wanting to use disposables but prefering how easy they are. Another option I might recommend would be something easy like BGEs, I would probably go that way myself if I had the $.

Mom2ManyBlessings 01-30-2013 09:09 PM

Thanks! Ill be keeping my BGEs and Bottombumper AIOs for out and about. And all DDs NB AIOs. But I think its the wool that stresses me. I dont have time to hand wash. . .and with the help my kids give whicb Im so thankful for, its a pain to worry about something getting ruined.

I think simplicity and less options is what I need. Im not burnt out on cloth, Im burnt out on thinking about it if that makes sense.

Kristen - Helpmeet to an amazing DH. Mama to seven blessings (and #8 on the way!)

mamatoclaire 01-30-2013 09:15 PM


Originally Posted by Mom2ManyBlessings
I think simplicity and less options is what I need. Im not burnt out on cloth, Im burnt out on thinking about it if that makes sense.

Makes perfect sense :) I felt burnt out in the beginning after spending way too much time researching diapers and figuring out what diaper I "need" to try next. Just go with a simple streamlined stash and don't look back!

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vansen19 01-30-2013 09:30 PM

Re: Ready To Give Up Again - Ideas??
my wool compromise is fleece (used with meos and snappi's prefolds): it's cute, wicks away moisture, washes with regular laundry and quick to hang dry. and i have kawaii sandwiched TPU covers b/c they are trim, cheap, easy to hand wash/hand dry and with my LOs at 50% percentile, i padfold flats for both ds 28 lbs and dd 18 lbs on medium setting.

betsybikes 01-31-2013 01:12 AM

Don't sell your wool! It's such a labor of love and you'll miss it. Put it in a box in the closet and see how you feel in 3 months.

What type of washer do you have? I machine wash my wool. Pre-wash in the sink, then soak cycle with baby shampoo and lanolin, spin and drain cycle, then hang dry.

I hear you about thinking about it too much. A break from DS helped me just use what I had and not worry about what I needed to try next.

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