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Sarahknavy 02-04-2013 02:48 PM

Breastfeeding Basket
What's in your breastfeeding basket. I have heard of people having a little station set up to make sure when they sit down with baby they have supplies to entertain toddler... I want to get a little area set up.

I know water and easy snacks... Books and toys... What else so you have?

Sarahknavy 02-04-2013 05:39 PM


KimKim 02-04-2013 11:25 PM

Burp cloths and breast pads

77Lipen 02-04-2013 11:35 PM

Nipple cream and/or any medication needed around feeding time (ex: vitamin d, gentian violet, etc).
An iPod for me to surf the net with one hand.
A beaded necklace so LO won't pull my hair out
A hair elastic to pull my hair back (when I remember)
Wipes (cause they're handy for anything).

Sarahknavy 02-05-2013 06:25 AM

Those are great suggestions! Thanks

ChocoChoco 02-05-2013 06:28 AM

I would add to the above: Chapstick, hair clip (depending on your pref) and have a phone charger plugged in within reach.

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Sarahknavy 02-05-2013 07:28 AM

Chapstick!! Yes!!

evasimone 02-05-2013 11:12 AM

Re: Breastfeeding Basket
I keep my vitamins there. That way I remember to take them.

ChocoChoco 02-05-2013 11:22 AM

Oh also a baby nail clipper! When DD nursed, it was usually the easiest way for me to trim her nails.

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cpamamma 02-07-2013 11:35 PM

What a good idea. I never thought to set this up but I think I will. I even have a little basket already. I was thinking a magazine would also be a good addition.

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