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RochNYMom 02-05-2013 07:46 PM

Please delete
All diapers are GUC - EUC unless otherwise noted. All diapers come with a MF insert. I have extras too, so if you want more, I can include them for $1 ea. Prices include shipping and payments must be through Paypal. I have pics of the insides if you want to see them. Please MMARO - I'm more than happy to make deals on multiples!

14 and 15) Two Maude Baby ( one-size (fit baby through toddler), pink, both EUC, come with extra adjustable elastic and MF insert, $20 ppd for both

Five FuzziBunz size small, two are new style, three are old (pointy tab) style. All are in VGUC - we used these a bunch, but you wouldn't know it! No staining as far as I can tell. all 5 for $40 ppd, or $9 ea ppd
1) Spearmint (I think?), new style *SOLD*
2) Apple Green, new style *SOLD*
3) Mint, old style *SOLD*
4) Buttercream, old style *SOLD*
5) Mac n cheese (I think?), old style *SOLD*

Four Green Acre Designs, size small (up to 15lb, although they only lasted til about 13lb for us), all in EUC, MF insert included, $36 ppd for all four *SOLD*
6) dark blue outer, light purple inner *SOLD*
7) light purple outer, light pink inner*SOLD*
8) light purple outer, light yellow inner *SOLD*
9) light(er) purple outer, light pink inner *SOLD*

Sunny Baby ( minky OS, 2 for $15 ppd or $8 ppd ea
10) white with pink spots *SOLD*
11) white with pink hearts *SOLD*

Nubunz OS (, GUC, $5 ppd ea
12) light blue *SOLD*
13) yellow *SOLD*

Finally, I have 9 Sunny Baby OS in a variety of colors/designs that need new elastic. In the picture, the ones on the right have the strongest elastic. They would all likely work on a toddler as-is, but would need elastic replaced for a smaller baby (supposedly is super simple and cheap to do, I just don't have a sewing machine!). Snaps all work, velcro is obviously used but still functions perfectly well. All come with a MF insert. Take all 9 for $60 ppd, or $7 ppd ea
16) white with love pink hearts *SOLD*
17) pink with white dots *SOLD*
18) blue with white kitties *SOLD*
19) blue with white clouds *SOLD*
20) blue leopard print *SOLD*
21) cow print *SOLD*
22) white/red leopard print *SOLD*
23) white with pink hearts *SOLD*
24) purple with aplix *SOLD*

RochNYMom 02-06-2013 06:12 AM

Re: Pockets destash! GN and girly FB, GAD, and others!
Bump! There are some great Valentine's Day diapers in here!! :smooch:

RochNYMom 02-06-2013 06:45 PM

Re: Pockets destash! GN and girly FB, GAD, and others!

RochNYMom 02-11-2013 06:36 AM

Re: Pockets destash! Maude Baby, FB, GAD, and MORE!
Bump - all except for the Maude Baby are sold or pending. I'll update when I know for sure what's gone. They're great diapers - I would love to find a happy home for them! MMAO!

RochNYMom 02-12-2013 07:22 AM

Re: Pockets destash! Only Maude Baby, and FB size small left
:bumpsign: Updated sold - just Maude Baby and FB left!

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