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mommy24babes 02-06-2013 09:32 AM

Please share your best dairy/soy free recipes
Looking to spice up our menu a bit with some tried and true recipes.

Please spam me. :)

Mheagan 02-06-2013 10:19 AM

Re: Please share your best dairy/soy free recipes
Dairy free mama here.... I'd love to hear them too!

jbug_4 02-06-2013 10:34 AM

Re: Please share your best dairy/soy free recipes
What are you looking for? And what do you normally eat. We're not soy free, but dairy free. Since most is made from scratch though it ends up being soy free unless it has dd's butter- easily substituted for a soy free one. We pretty much make all our regular recipes without dairy. We cut out most of the cheesy stuff a long time ago. We don't do cream sauces or anything like that. Some of our regular meals

pot roast with mushroom gravy and roasted veggies (in olive oil with salt and pepper). left overs used for Shepherd's pie, pulled barb beef, enchiladas or french dip sandwiches.
Real roast- like the really good kind with roasted veggies
fajitas- both with and without meat
bean enchiladas, chicken enchiladas, shredded beef enchiladas, avocado enchiladas (dd's is kept cheese less)
Nachos, taco salads, tacos again dd's are just kept cheese less
Chicken pot pie, chicken and dumplings, veggie pot pie- we use olive oil, flour and broth to make the thickened soup and milk sub to make the from scratch dumplings

Sheppard's pie- we use left over roast beef with a beef gravy (flour, olive oil and broth), with veggies mixed into the beef part. Mashed potatoes and mashed parsnips (and sometimes turnips) on top. I don't cook it with cheese. Cheese is added to individual servings.

Crock pot "baked" ham with pineapple, roasted potatoes and frozen green beans sauteed in olive oil with onions and dried cranberries. The green bean thing is a pretty regular thing here. I get steam in the bag whole green beans. follow the directions, cook the onions in oil while the beans are cooking. Then add the beans and cranberries. I usually let the beans get a few brown spots on them.

Lasagna for dd she gets the cooked noodles with sauce baked in a separate dish along side our lasagna.

We do sweet and sour veggies over rice, but it requires soy sauce- not sure if there is a soy free sub for that or not.

This one is a favorite. I think the chicken needs more seasoning but everyone else likes it.

I posted a mounds/almond joy recipe a couple of days ago- dairy free and soy free- they are really, really good.

These are good You can use whatever subs you want for milk and butter. We use vanilla soy milk and earth's balance butter, but anything would work.

Now if you have the time this is good . I just made it with lamb for a school project. Again cheese is added to individual servings.

Tonight we are having appetizer night. For everybody- bruschetta , green beans and fruit. For dh and I, we are also having baked brie with roasted garlic on french bread.

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