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twinpossible 02-06-2013 11:02 PM

Vit. K shot
Okay ladies, what are your thoughts? I know people deny it all the time but why specifically? I hate the idea of ANY shots period and from what I read you can give it to the child orally. That's all I know so far.

oregonmom 02-07-2013 08:47 AM

Re: Vit. K shot
We have not done it with our last 2 children and will not with the one due next month. I have been told if you are circing right away it is a good thing, but my midwife said that most babies don't need it, so she does not really push it.
Some people I know don't like the idea of doing the oral because they feel it is messing up the gut flora for the baby by introducing something other then breastmilk to the stomach. We have thought about doing the oral, but didn't end up doing so mostly because it was just one more thing we did not feel like having to remember to buy. The midwife that attended my last two births would do the oral, but did not carry it so the parents had to order it and bring it with them.

cheezpoofs 02-07-2013 08:56 AM

Re: Vit. K shot
The reason I don't do it personally is because I think there must be some evolutionary reason why newborns are born with lower levels of Vitamin K. I think I've also read that the Vitamin K injection at birth may be linked to childhood leukemia, but I can't cite any studies and my memory may be faulty on that.

I do know that Vitamin K is strongly recommended for babies who have a difficult birth and/ or a lot of bruising and that many hospitals absolutely require it and you can't refuse (or you "can" and then the hospital will get CPS/ judges involved).

Many consider this a very important newborn procedure to help prevent brain bleeds.

kushie tushie 02-07-2013 09:00 AM

We don't do vit K. We haven't for either kids and wont for this baby.

Basically its given to help clotting. So the reason its given as a preventive shot is in case the child has an unknown brain bleed. Truely the oral doesnt work the same way and can't. You give it slowly over time so it wouldn't be enough to prevent a brain bleed if it takes how ever many weeks to give the full dose of the shot. By then the effects of a brain bleed not reversible.

We always write on our birth plan no vit K unless the birth is tramatic. Then we will discuss it with our midwife. They always think this is a good way to go. If the birth was very tramatic (forceps, vacuum, very fast/beyond normal pushing or whatever). We would then consider it and discuss the need.

I'm mobile.... sorry for the typos!

7 for now 02-07-2013 10:24 PM

I do the Vit k shots. But, only because I have to take low dose aspirin daily to prevent blood clots in my aortic valve that was replaced. That causes my kids to have blood that doesn't clot well at birth.

That hasn't been an issue really until I delivered my newest ds at 30 weeks. He had trouble with his blood clotting after getting a PICC line placed and umbilical lines. It took about a week for his blood to start clotting well, even with the vitamin K shot.

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quicksilverNHS 02-07-2013 10:59 PM

My first was a 36hr labor with 3.5 of pushing and he got stuck on my pubic bone. We had to vacuum him to get him under (thankfully for literally 10sec to help guide him with that and pressure from doc's hand on my pelvis pushing him down). So we got it with him.

I'm at extremely high risk for a preemie this time and have been on blood thinners the entire pregnancy so I will get it regardless.

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TeachinAuntie 02-08-2013 06:38 AM

Re: Vit. K shot
I denied it for my 2nd (know better, do better) because it can cause/increase risk of jaundice & increases cancer risk.

My kids already have the risk of a male inherited leukemia so we don't need to increase their chances. :(

My first born was jaundiced & had to stay in the hosp. 6 extra days--the 2nd didn't have any nb jaundice.

hilaryisinked 02-08-2013 07:46 AM

Eh I don't have a strong opinion on it either way. We've been non vaxxers before and now we vax. My first had a very long induction and it was a little traumatic. My second had a quick, uneventful induction. Neither were jaundice. We declined hep b at birth but they had vitamin k.

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cowangel 02-08-2013 09:53 AM

I have csections so I consider that a tramatic birth and do the shots :-)

twinpossible 02-08-2013 12:14 PM

Re: Vit. K shot
Thanks ladies, we decided to deny it unless the birth is horrible :)

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