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ChihuahuaMama13 03-20-2013 03:11 PM

Bug on a Rug
Not sure if this WAHM is on DS or not, but she has a shop on both Etsy and Hyena Cart, and she is on Facebook.

Approximate date of purchase: January 30, 2013

Where did you purchase the item(s) from: Hyena Cart

What did you buy: Elmo minky pocket diaper
How was the customer service: At first, before the order was placed, the wahm was kind. I had to email about a turn-around time, and was told usually 2 weeks, but she already had my diaper over half done and it would be shipping a week from the purchase date. Two weeks after purchase I emailed again asking if the diaper had been sent, she said it had. I did not receive tracking info for another 6 days, and the DC# did not show she dropped it off at the post office until another week after that. In short, the wahm lied about sending my diaper 3 times, and I received it 3 weeks later than originally stated.

Review of the product: Upon finally receiving my package, I immediately noticed the wrong fabric was used. The pocket shell was advertised and photographed in her listing as a plush minky, but a short/stiff velour was used instead. The snaps on the closures, waist, and rise were crooked and not snapped correctly, leaving them un-snapable. The elastic was left out of the back of the diaper. There are large hard clumps of glue on the inner back of the diaper. She used actual suede on the inside of the diaper, not microsuede as advertised. The stitching around the diaper was inconsistent. The wings were both differently shaped and sized. She ran a full stitch along the side of the pocket opening, making it impossible to actually put an insert into the pocket.

Any additional comments: I contacted the wahm for a refund and she told me I could have one if I mailed the diaper back to her. So I had to deal with lies, an unusable product, and was out shipping as well.

Would you do business with them again? No

WAHM response (if we are provided with one):

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