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canadianbakers 03-31-2013 10:02 AM

Chat Thread ~ Mar 31st - APRIL 6th!!!
April mamas!!!! APRIL!!!!! :yay:

You can tell how stressed and out of it I am today - I just remembered that it was Sunday and I didn't start a new chat thread or move my ticker yet. :banghead:

canadianbakers 03-31-2013 10:16 AM

Re: Chat Thread ~ Mar 31st - APRIL 6th!!!
Oy. Eventually I'll clue in and wake up today... or maybe tomorrow.


Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt (Post 16452924)
I'm so sorry Elena. :hugs: I wouldn't bother telling them either.
I have an appointment tomorrow, the clinic and hospital are attached so I told DH we should 'check in' on FB as an April Fools joke :giggle: people will just assume I'm in labor. Hahaha.

Thanks. It helps to hear that others would be offended/hurt, too. With them telling me it's all me, and that they haven't done or said anything wrong or hurtful... it just leaves me questioning myself, kwim? Am I just too sensitive?
But then I see DH's parents. And even though FIL very likely didn't agree with us having another baby or pregnancy (of course, we didn't agree with us this time either!), and he was worried and everything, he's never been anything but totally supportive and helping whenever he can. He's never made any comments about anything like my parents have.
So then that makes me think that maybe it's not just me after all. Maybe it is them, they just don't see it. :dunno:

:giggle: That would be a good joke!


Originally Posted by RunawayBunny (Post 16452940)
Elena, I am sorry to hear you are having a hard time on both fronts - parents and rooms. Hopefully Levi will take to the bed and room like butter and bread! My DS did. Plus, he will be with siblings, no? Maybe that will be really cool for him! Lots of hugs.

No, he's moving to DD's room and he'll be alone in there. We could only put him in with DS1, never DS2 - it's bad enough that the 2 older boys share a room and DS1 just has gotten used to putting up with DS2. He's a terrible roommate.
Anyhoo, no. Levi will be by himself, and he's always been in our room. I'm keeping my :crossfingers: that he'll make the adjustment easily, but I'm not holding my breath at the same time!


Originally Posted by mibarra (Post 16452986)
Elena: Bummer about the room! Why is it men seem to lack all sense of urgency???

Yup, exactly. It's like they think we have all the time still... and, granted, we could go to 42 weeks and have another 4 weeks to go. But, we could also have Hiccup tonight - and then DH is gonna be pissed off when I refuse to bring a baby home to this dust and crud.

NappyChappy 03-31-2013 10:47 AM

Re: Chat Thread ~ Mar 31st - APRIL 6th!!!
I am feeling very :hairpull: today. If one more person says 'oh you haven't had that baby's never coming out..hahaha" I might punch someone in the face. DH is all, stop getting mad over it that baby will come when it's ready. Well that's from a man who's body hasn't been taken over for 10 months on top of the lack of proper medication.

I did get the floors swept & mopped, kitchen, and windows cleaned this morning. DS loved his Easter basket and I am getting ready to warm up a plate of leftovers from yesterday (food was delicious).

canadianbakers 03-31-2013 11:13 AM

Re: Chat Thread ~ Mar 31st - APRIL 6th!!!
Ugh, I kwym. I've been getting those comments for a few weeks all ready - which is really stupid since Hiccup would have been preterm at that point!
Now that we've missed church today, I almost don't want to go until after Hiccup is born - if we show up next week and I'm still pregnant, the comments will be constant. :banghead:

Enjoy your clean house and your lunch!

mibarra 03-31-2013 11:17 AM

It's NOT you Elena. Your description of their behavior is hideous. They're supposed to be adults. Especially with your loss, neither my nor DHs family would ever dream of behaving that way. And anyone who would wish a miscarriage on their child??? Makes my blood boil. They don't have to agree, but they could at least make an effort to be supportive. I don't know how you put up with it. :(

AFM: Alies still nursing well and settled into a mostly every 3 hour routine. Desperately trying to get her to sleep in her cradle but no dice yet... took DD1 about a month, and DD2 didn't spend a whole night in her own bed til almost a year... cosleeping is nice for nursing and getting sleep but I miss my DH cuddles. Hoping to get her in her own bed part-time at least!!

Mom2Connor 03-31-2013 12:05 PM

So we aren't religious at all and money is tight, but we got a little basket for DS at WM with some new play doh and those sticky mitts you play catch with. Then topped it off with MILs xmas gifts of crayons and coloring books and a movie that reeked of cig smoke, and have sat in the garage since xmas. They are smell free now, so we regifted them lol. So for a 2 yr old it was a full basket!

He's too young for little candies, so we just hid two dozen eggs and he had a blast finding them and collecting them in his basket. :)

It was a fun morning!

dagmomma 03-31-2013 01:20 PM

Re: Chat Thread ~ Mar 31st - APRIL 6th!!!
People are more in shock that baby is coming soon and not saying things like did you have that baby yet. I am sure that would drive me batty.

For Easter we did bubbles and chalk some gourmet jelly sans and some candy. The kids had a blast finding eggs and blowing bubbles outside. We had a huge breakfast and will have an Italian dinner.

I rearranged the carseats AGAIN! If that does not put me into labor nothing will. I had to move ds1 seat off of the latch bc he is almost 40lbs. One meatball away from being to heavy for it and I wanted to get it done before baby gets here.

My parents are driving down when I tell them so if they get here before baby we will probably take there car to the hospital so they can have the mini van for the kiddos

EmilytheStrange 03-31-2013 02:55 PM

Re: Chat Thread ~ Mar 31st - APRIL 6th!!!
I'm with Alison on that one.. no one expects me to be 'this far along', so I don't get bothered much. 39 weeks today! Our babysitter asks us to wait another week because she works shift work and she likes the shift she has this week.. lol - and DH says baby has to wait until Wednesday. Me? I still vote tonight or Tuesday.

Easter was fun - had friends over for lunch and playing with Magnolia. She is either egg-hunted out or just didn't care anymore. She put like 4 eggs in her basket and then was like 'I'm gonna play!' which was fine.. but we did convince her to pick them all up eventually :) was a little better when she was reminded that there was candy in them. I think it was just overwhelming. I wanted to wait until after nap, but the friends wanted to see her, so she had her Easter basket before lunch and the egg hunt after lunch - that's a lot for a 2yo.

contractions have pretty much died down to nothing. Which is fine. I almost passed out in church this morning.. which was weird. Luckily it was during the sermon, so we were sitting already, but I grabbed DH's arm and closed my eyes as the minister's voice faded into the background very briefly. Then a hot flash and my heart raced a million miles a minute for about 10-15 minutes. Tried to figure out how fast, but my watch doesn't have a second hand on it, so I was out of luck on that one.

supposed to drive to Boise tomorrow to play at an indoor playplace and get blood drawn at my VBAC hospital. I'm a little worried about driving that far and having another weird almost passing out incident.. but am hoping it was a fluke.

mibarra 03-31-2013 03:47 PM

Emily: I had that once or twice. Could you have been a little dehydrated? That was usually my issue. Hope you have a smooth drive!

Laid back Easter at MIL/FILs house with cousins. The girls got their baskets half full and decided they were done. That's OK , they don't need a ton of candy. DD1 grabbed up 9 of the 2dozen hard boiled eggs. She loves those things!!

EmilytheStrange 03-31-2013 04:00 PM

It is possible, I started drinking more and did feel better. Hopefully that's it - thanks for the suggestion!

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