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babylove921 04-19-2013 06:29 AM

Food/Sleep/Soothing for 11 month old.
I really didn't wanna post, but I need serious help. Levi who is 11 months old, drinks about 3 8oz bottles a day of donated BM, and has just started really eating foods. Example of a day of meals, would be breakfast he has a sippy cup of water or milk(usually 4oz, doesn't normally drink but 1oz), and a waffle/yogurt/applesauce/toast/grits/eggs..Lunch is chicken nuggets/mac n cheese/rice/fish/mix fruits.. I am home with him, so everything is homemade. Then dinner is whatever we eat, last night was chicken/yellow rice/corn/peas..night before was chicken parm/spaghetti. He gets a bottle at nap time around 9am, then 2nd nap at 2, and bedtime around 8:30.
Last night looked like this, up at 10, 11, 1, 3, 5:45, when he decided he was ready to get up. This is how he has slept his whole life. We co sleep. He starts out in his crib, but won't go back in it by 11pm, he wants mommy, which is totally ok with us, no biggy, but he doesn't actually sleep. He rolls around, crawls on me, hits me/my husband, this goes on for about an hour, when he wakes up completely screaming, and the only thing that calms him is a bottle so.. usually about 4oz, and he conks back out, only to sleep comfortably an hour, and then starts the acrobatics, and wants a bottle again. Every time he wakes up I have to change him, and feed him. At night he gets formula usually, 50%/50% really. I have a huge stash of cloth for him, but nothing holds in all that fluid at night. He constantly pees on me, the bed..ect. I am 19 weeks pregnant, and poor baby girl doesn't like to let me sleep on top of Levi not sleeping. I haven't slept in 11 months. I don't wanna complain he is a sweet baby during the day, but this is ridiculous. I have tried everything: a nightly routine, cuddles instead, rocking, singing, patting, I have even let him cry a few minutes, nothing works. The ONLY thing that calms him is the bottle. He can't possibly be hungry all those times is he?

UVASahm 04-19-2013 06:43 AM

Re: Food/Sleep/Soothing for 11 month old.
My first instinct when I saw the 3 8oz a day was that isn't a whole lot especially if that includes the night feedings. My son was doing that but was eating MOSTLY solid foods by 11 months and still needed a 4 oz bottle overnight.

My son didnt sleep through the night without that 4 oz. bottle until after a year when he drank regular milk.

I know some moms will disagree but I think the co sleeping is a big part of the problem. My son never woke up that much unless we were in the same room with him at a hotel.

babylove921 04-19-2013 06:48 AM

Re: Food/Sleep/Soothing for 11 month old.
Oh no. That doesn't include night feedings. That's just am, nap, and bedtime. He has a 4oz bottle, or up to 8oz every 2 hours that he wakes up. So potentially an added, 16oz, if not more, which normally its more. Last night he woke up 5 times, and 4 of those times needs a bottle, which equaled about 20 oz through the night. That's nuts.
I agree that co sleeping is the problem, but I have tried everything I know to get him to sleep in his bed, he just won't do it. He used to nap well in his crib, now they lasts 30-45 minutes, and then wants me to lay down with him, which I can do in the afternoon is Asher, 2 is asleep, and I don't mind cause I am exhausted by then.

I tried water in a bottle, he doesn't really get sippy cups yet, unless I hold it for him, its the comfort of the bottle. I have tried to make them smaller bottles, and then he just wakes up even more frequently.
I've tried a snack before bed, bath(he screams bloody murder in the bath, we have to wash cloth him off in the sink)

amandact 04-19-2013 07:18 AM

We also have a rough sleeper who wants to eat at night. I notice that trying to increase food, bottles etc. during the day seems to cut back a bit on night feeding, we are down to one bottle through the night on a good night.

I actually try to give her a bottle every two hours during the day, she doesn't always take it but usually does...I read this helps to switch the schedule, before she was almost drinking more at night than during the day. also, it helped us to interact as little as possible. I know that sounds cold but no talking, just soothing sounds and holding. I also know for my dd changing her makes it worse. Thirsties hemp prefolds worked for us in a cover with well fitting legs but she is not drinking as much as your lo.

Good luck, not sleeping is hard....

babylove921 04-19-2013 07:26 AM

Re: Food/Sleep/Soothing for 11 month old.
We've tried that too. No matter how much solids he eats during the day, he still does this. And I can't get him to eat more bottles during the day, he just ends up spitting it back up.

FindingMercy 04-19-2013 07:31 AM

I would say to make a plan of action and force yourself to stick to it for at least a week to see what gets better. If its no more than 1 bottle at night, then stick to it no matter how hard it gets. If its moving him to his own bed, refuse to give in (which is so hard to do when you just want sleep!).

FindingMercy 04-19-2013 07:34 AM


Originally Posted by babylove921
We've tried that too. No matter how much solids he eats during the day, he still does this. And I can't get him to eat more bottles during the day, he just ends up spitting it back up.

Does he have reflux? That could be part free problem with sleeping for naps and at night, especially if he wants/needs a bottle to calm back down. Reflux burns and drinking liquid cools it down.

babylove921 04-19-2013 10:32 AM

Re: Food/Sleep/Soothing for 11 month old.
He has reflux horribly as a baby, was on Zantac. Once I found Human Milk for Human Babies, I put him on donated BM and he didn't have anymore problems around 6-8 months in when we weened him off the Zantac. I don't know if he needs it again or not. He was a a projectile vomit-er. But he isn't anymore.

chandni3 04-19-2013 11:21 AM

Re: Food/Sleep/Soothing for 11 month old.
First, I'd put him in disposibles at night. That way you reduce the stimulation of getting changed and everything. Also, try only one nap a day. Sorry I can't give any more advice than that other than the ferber sleep training. That's what I did with my daughter and she's a great sleeper but it could also be her personality.

babylove921 04-19-2013 11:31 AM

Re: Food/Sleep/Soothing for 11 month old.
He's in sposy right now. I still have to change him constantly. I'm gonna try one nap a day and see what happens, but he falls asleep in the carseat frequently still.

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