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Shanna 05-08-2008 04:39 PM

Hanging wetbags kitchen to diaper size! plus unpaper & dinner napkins since 2008
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Check out the most recent posts to this thread for a bunch of great products! burlap table runners, place mats, napkins and more...

I'll be doing customs a bit differently for bookkeeping purposes. When you pm me for a custom spot, I'll create an hc or ETSY listing specifically for you.

All bags include our unique style bottoms, so there's no re-stuffing after the wash!!! Much more then just top stitching, our three step process insures no wicking and no re-stuffing! Did I mention there's no re-stuffing? :giggle2:

I'm open for customs!

"your fabric" Pricing:
You send the fabric, I make the bag (and provide the PUL, zipper, etc.)
$25 for a XXL 17x34 bag (requires 1 yd per bag)
$22 for a matching diaper stacker (requires 2 yds per stacker)
$22 for a 17x22 diaper size bag (requires 2/3 yd per bag)
$16 for a 13x20 kitchen bag (requires 22" of fabric per bag)
$13.00 13x16 bath bag (requires 18" of fabric)

"My fabric" Custom Pricing
$16.00 13x16 bath bag
$18.50 13x20 kitchen bag
$25 17x22 Diaper size bag new!
$34 17x34 XXL Pail
$28 Diaper stacker

Below are instock items but don't forget to check my listings at ETSY and hyenacart as well!

Now stocking unpaper towels to match!

Birdseye single layer - available in (bleached (white) LIMITED STOCK) and natural undyed (off white)
$12 1 dozen
$22 2 dozen

Birdseye single layer organic natural undyed
$20 1 dozen
$38 2 dozen

also available in:
bamboo terry (limited stock)
hemp French terry (out of stock)
hemp fleece
bamboo fleece
double loop terry
cotton/birdseye combo

pm me for pricing :)
example, not in stock

Instock now!

XXL Diaper Size 17"x34"
Menagerie 17x34 $34
Safari Friends 17x30 $30
Gypsy Wren 17x34 $34
Dandy Damask 17x34 $34
Pixie Garden 17x34 $34
Butterfly on Brown 17x34 $34
Zoo to You XXL 17x34 $34
Nursery Dots in Blue XXL 17x34 $34
Jungle Babies SNAP TOP 17x34 $34

Mod Dots on Chocolate XXL 17x34 $34
Zoo Pals XXL 17x34 $34 (available in both style tops)
Jungle Babies XXL 17x34 Hanger top $34
Sweet Baby XXL 17x34 $34
Sweet Baby snap top 17x34 $34
2D Zoo 17x34
Laundry Dayz 17x34 $34

Kitchen Size
Dandy Damask 13x20 $18.50
Gala 13x20 $18.50
Lemon Lime 13x20 $18.50
Sour Apple 13x20 $18.50
Fruit Toss 13x20 $18.50

Mugs 13x20 $18.50
Country Apple Trees 13x20 $18.00
Toasty 13x20 $18.50

Apples & Pears 13x20 $18.50
ECO 13x20 $18.50

Kitchen Unpaper
and Cloth Napkins

Single layer birdseye 10x10 $12/dozen $22/2 dozen

Single layer unbleached (off white) birdseye $12/dozen $22/2 dozen

Single layer organic unbleached birdseye $20/dozen

EXTRA LARGE unpaper towels 14"x14" $24/dozen (currently avail. in unbleached only)

Bountiful Harvest Harvest 4pc napkin set $9 (two sets avail)
Harvest Spice Kitchen Set incl. 2 wetbags and 8 10"x10" napkin/unpaper

Sampler 10x10 set of six towels in six different fabrics SOLD OUT

Here's the 411 on the bags

  • All our bags are made with high quality, 100% cotton outer fabric and PUL liner.
  • Seams are all serged for maximum durability.
  • I use cotton woven interfacing in snap top bags for extra shaping and reinforcement.
  • All sizes are available in hanger tops that hang by two snapping straps or slip over a standard or child sized hanger (depending on the bag size)
  • The PUL liner is attached to the bag twice at the top and our exclusive bottom finish means no restuffing the liner into the bag after the wash! Much more then just topstitched, there are three hidden steps to prevent wicking!

Unpaper Kitchen Bags
Ever wonder what to do with all those unpaper towels?? Here's your answer!! Measuring 13" wide by 20" tall this bag hangs by two snapping straps.

Snap Top:

Bathroom Bags
Measure 13" x 16" and are available with either a hanger top or snapping top. Bath Bags $15.00 shipped

Snap Top:
(not in stock or custom option, just an example of snapping top)

Hanger Top:

Diaper Size and XXL hanging wetbag
These hanging wetbags are great for hanging at diaper stations, traveling, or just to clear some floor space. Besides, who says the diaper pail has to be an ugly white garbage can?

The new diaper size measures 17" wide and 26" long and will hold 18-22 diapers. $25.00

Our original XXL hanging wetbag will hold 30+ diapers, and measures 17" wide by 34" tall. XXL bags are $32.00.

Hanging laundry hamper (unlined pail) $20 shipped

Hanger Top:

Snap Top:

The Stash Stacker
This Stash Stacker is 34" in length and 10"x17" at the base. Fair warning; if you plan on filling this baby up, you'll need an anchored hook and a heavy duty hanger. Also available in snap tops! $25.00

Some nursery sets:

Kotzurk 05-08-2008 05:45 PM

Re: Hanging Poo Pails - taking custom orders!
I would love the dino one!

slingmama4 05-08-2008 05:54 PM

Re: Hanging Poo Pails - taking custom orders!
OMGoodness! What a great idea! You go mama! I'll be back to order a girly one soon.:drif:

goldmama22 05-08-2008 07:40 PM

Re: Hanging Poo Pails - taking custom orders!
These are awesome! I have to go measure my bathroom...

Happygrl6 05-08-2008 07:44 PM

Re: Hanging Poo Pails - taking custom orders!
Will you make them with the customer's fabric? If so, how much is needed?

Shanna 05-08-2008 08:17 PM

Re: Hanging Poo Pails - taking custom orders!

Originally Posted by Happygrl6 (Post 3533018)
Will you make them with the customer's fabric? If so, how much is needed?

Yep, 1 yard, take $5 off the price, and I'll provide the PUL and zipper :thumbsup:

Happygrl6 05-08-2008 08:20 PM

Re: Hanging Poo Pails - taking custom orders!
And how much would that knock off the cost of the bag?

I'm looking for some fabric to match our downstairs bathroom for a bag and I like the idea of this more than a bag to hang on the door knob.

Shanna 05-08-2008 08:23 PM

Re: Hanging Poo Pails - taking custom orders!
I'll be at the fabric stores tomorrow, so lmk if you have a special request! :goodvibes:

terrismez 05-08-2008 11:30 PM

Re: Hanging Poo Pails - taking custom orders!
Great idea! I'll be back someday when I have pp :giggle2: !

carlycurry 05-08-2008 11:52 PM

Re: Hanging Poo Pails - taking custom orders!
Such a great and cute idea, mama!! I love them!

My only concern would be, seeing as how the outer is cotton, do they tend to get wet on the outside at all even though they have PUL? I know with cotton diapers with hidden PUL, my son's diapers can still wick through so I'm wondering if that might be an issue for us with this type of bag?

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