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Blessed with Children but struggling for more- Grads!

This thread is for the women that graduated from the thread, "Blessed with Children but struggling for more" in struggles and support. It's a place for us to keep in touch and chat about our pregnancies after our ttc journey has finally ended.

Please fill out this template when joining our thread! Come back and update too when you find out the gender, have your baby(s) etc!

Screen name:
Real Name:
Current Children and age:
Lost children and dates:
Treatment and meds:
Cycles TTC another:

Our Graduates!

Screen name: taralee2001
Real Name: Tara
Current Children and age: Danica, 19 months
Lost children and dates:
Diagnosis: PCOS
Treatment and meds: Provera to start AF then 100mg Clomid cd 5-9
Cycles TTC another: 6 months, but only 2 cycles thanks to super long cycles
EDD: July 9, 2010
Gender: Girl!

Screen name: jenvbear
Real Name: JenV
Current Children and age: Aiden (almost 4) Keira (almost 2)
Lost children and dates: angel (3/09), angel (6/09)
Diagnosis: Luteal phase defect, low progesterone, later then *normal* ovulation
Treatment and meds: Tried doing just progesterone after O, resulted in pg, but it was a blighted ovum. Did 3 rounds clomid, last one with estrogen (cd 8-12), all with progesterone after O, Cycle that worked was first cycle off clomid. Used Vitex (400mg's) until O, progesterone suppositories through end of first tri, Prenatals, calcium and a DHA supp, LDA, 200mg B6, 500 mcg B12, EPO for CM.
Cycles TTC another: 10 mos, 9 cycles. BFP on 9th cycle at 9 dpo.
EDD: 7/27/10
Gender: Girl!

Screen name: Swimmingly
Real Name: Sara
Current Children and age: DD age 2.5
Lost children and dates: none
Diagnosis: irregular cycles and poor SA for DH
Treatment and meds: clomid days 3-7 and IUI
Cycles TTC another: 7, 2 with IUI
EDD: 8/15/10
Gender: undetermined so far

Screen name: RachaelJohnson
Real Name: Rachael
Current Children and age: Loralei 2
Lost children and dates: Twins April and May 2009 and singleton September 2009
Diagnosis: Poor egg quality, low progesterone, fibroid, endometriosis, late ovulation
Treatment and meds: 100mg clomid days 2-6, ovidrel trigger, endometrin 100mg 2x daily until 12 weeks, and baby asprin daily.
Cycles TTC another: 15 months, 3rd cycle after most recent m/c.
EDD: 9-22-10
Gender: Boy!

Screen name: Mommykeller0107
Real Name: Lori
Current Children and age: Kade, 3yrs
Lost children and dates: 5/09, 10/09
Diagnosis: LPD / Suppressed Ovulation
Treatment and meds: Clomid 50mg
Cycles TTC another: 6 including october m/c & this pregnancy.
EDD: 9/29/10
Gender: Boy!

Our Success stories!

Screen name: heatherlovesCDs
Real Name: Heather
Current Children and age: Zack, age 4/Oct '05, Samantha and Blake 2/Dec '07
Lost children and dates: m/c at 5.5 wks Feb. '07
Diagnosis: Primary severe male factor infertility
Treatment and meds: 1 initial fresh IVF resulted in ODS and 10 frozen babies. 3 FET's resulting in the m/c and 2 sets of twins
Cycles TTC another: 8 months w/ no help (very, very unlikely), 1 month w/FET
EDD: May 4th
Gender: TWIN BOYS!!! Matthew John born 5:36pm 5lbs 11oz 18.5 inches, Joshua Phillip born 5:49pm 6lbs 13oz 20.5 inches
Delivery date: 4/6/10
~ JenV ~
Wife to Brian (6/03) Mommy to:
"A" (4/06) "K" (2/08) "M" (7/10) "T" (11/12)

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