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Talking The unassisted birth of Verran!

Verran Roisin Mahina
September 21, 2010 at 6:19pm
8lbs, 7oz and 19.5"
Dark brown hair, dark grey eyes


Levi: my husband
Nikko: my 6 year old son
Sakura: my 2 year old daughter (who was my first UC)


Around 4am on the 21st I woke up with sharp pains but wasn't feeling much by 5am so I went back to bed. When I got up around 8 I told Levi I was glad he was home because I was having contractions that weren't as close as they had been a few days before but they were more intense when I was having them. Levi wanted to go get a storage locker for his military gear from a guy on Craigslist, and the distance meant he'd be gone for a few hours. I said that was fine, since if he was at work I wouldn't have called him home by this point anyway.

He wound up getting home around 3pm and after a bit we started talking to Betsy, Levi's mom, on Skype. I was having a few contractions but nothing too close, until around 4:30 and I told Levi I wanted to go get in the shower. Betsy later said she knew it was going to be soon just from watching me over the video chat.

Sometime between 5 and 5:30 I gave up the shower for the tub, since standing was getting too tiring. Contractions were very close and intense, and I was vocalizing through them pretty loudly. I knew I needed to keep low tones to prevent my body from tensing up, but they were so intense that I was having to fight the urge to go high-pitched. I kept telling myself that it was okay because I knew each contraction would come to an end and I'd get a minute of rest, just to get through them.

Levi checked in on me a few times and I told him that he'd better get dinner for the kids because we were having the baby that evening, not that night. He got them some food and came back to check on me, and I'd turned with my back to him and yelled that I needed him to push on my back during the contraction. He started by pressing with his thumbs and I pretty much screamed at him to stop and use his whole hand. I feel bad about that now, but the focal pressure of his thumbs was NOT helping! I started thinking, "I don't know how much more of this I can take!" which I knew was good, because it probably meant transition and that the baby would be born within the next hour.

But on the next contraction I felt my water break and the baby start to slide down and I yelled, "The baby is coming; this is it!" Levi jumped up to turn the video camera on and that was all we had time for. I felt the baby's head crowning and reached down to feel a hand coming with it! I paused for a second and said, "Oh, crap! His hand!" (At this point I was still thinking the baby was a boy.) My only thought was if the baby didn't come all at once then the hand might slide ahead and cause arm/shoulder problems. But it didn't matter, because she came right out all at once; no pause, no second contraction, nothing. Levi grabbed her and passed her between my legs so I could pick her up in front of me. From the time Levi turned on the camera to when he handed her to me was only about 50 seconds!

I was so surprised she was a girl. I kept repeating it over and over: how fast it was and that she was a girl! Levi called to the kids and they ran in. Nikko was a little bummed because he really wanted to be there again, and Sakura didn't say anything but her body language on the video shows she was like, "Um... what is going on in here and who IS this?" We called our parents and within 10-15 minutes the placenta came out. We cut the cord and Verran nursed like a champ from the get go. I was bleeding quite a bit (which I later realized was from a tear I got from how fast it was and her hand coming out at the same time) so Levi blended up a piece of placenta into a fruit smoothie for me. (Placenta is helpful for stopping bleeding but I just couldn't bring myself to do a piece without anything else!) We got Verran into her first diaper and the outfit Sakura wore the day she was born, and then Levi ran out for some dinner. We all crashed and had a pretty good night. With Verran being such a good nurser, waking up at night to nurse her was no problem.

We looked all night and the next morning for names and nothing stood out. Then Levi came across Verran, which is Cornish for "the short one" which we decided was appropriate considering how short her birth took! It's also the name of a municipality in Norway that is named after the Verrasundet fjord, who's name means "the quiet one" or "the fjord with still water." A nice name, either way. Roisin is pronounced Row-sheen and is an Irish name from my in-laws, meaning "little rose." Mahina is the Hawaiian name from my parents and means "moon.")

Another fantastic birth at home!

Looking at this picture also makes me think she probably came out with a brow presentation. Maybe we should have found a name that means, "I'm difficult!" instead. LOL!

Pinking up more.

Silly dream face.

My little love.
Nani + Levi = Nikko 5/14/04, Sakura 8/20/08 & Verran 9/21/10

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