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Re: Baby Snickerdoodles ~ Wool Covers & More!!

A Babies Bath

Author: Unknown

A baby in a tub is a beautiful sight to see,
She giggles and she laughs while
you make her clean as can be!

She throws bubbles in your face,
Having oh, so much fun!
A baby in a bath is good times - homespun!

She splashes in the water with such delight,
While you count each precious little finger and toe,
A drop of water drips onto her face,
Causing her to crinkle up that beautiful little nose!

When splash time is over you pick her up,
You wrap her tightly in a towel,
She releases a big hiccup!

You hug her oh so gently,
Pat her down until she's dry,
She smells so fresh, so clean,
It makes you want to cry!

For baby days go by so fast,
She's growing everyday,
Now all you find yourself wanting to do,
Is keep her out of harm's way.

Next thing you know she's all grown up,
She now has a life of her own,
You dig out all the baby pictures and just
hope and pray that you have sown....

Sown good seeds in her heart and mind,
So that as her life moves on she will be able to find...
The happiness, the contentment,
The peace she once knew,
Back when she was a baby in a bath,
At about age 2!
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