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Talking I think I came up w/ a new/easy flat fold for toddler.**PIC HEAVY**FLOUR SACKS

I think this is a new one. I just couldn't get the hang of the fancy ones just I sat down this morning to come up with something. Used flour sack flats. Fleal free to correct me and name this fold if it has allready been done.Here it is:

Put the doubler in the middle and start like you would a kite fold by bringing the corners up and in.

Bring pointy bottom up to be folded at doubler.

Bring sides again so points meet and bottom folds at doubler.

Grab at points and fold down and out to be straight across at bottom.

Fold top down and press it all smooth w/ hands.

Pull sings straight out and pull across nice and tight.

Be sure to overlap so the snappi grabs plenty of material and not baby's skin.

So trim and tight, it makes his bum look flat, lol!

My happy guy wanted just one more pic!

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