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Re: ATTS July 23-30

List of abbreviations:

AF Aunt Flo (period)
BBT basal body temperature
BC birth control
BD baby dance (sex)
BFN big fat negative (pregnancy test)
BFP big fat positive (pregnancy test)
CBED Clearblue Easy Digital
CD cycle day
CF cervical fluid
CM cervical mucus
DC dear child
DD dear daughter
DF dear fiancee
DH dear husband
DP dear partner
DPO days past ovulation
DS dear son
DSD dear stepdaughter
DSS dear stepson
DTD do/did the deed
DW dear wife
EDD estimated due date, or expected date of delivery
EWCM eggwhite cervical mucus
FF Fertility Friend
FMU first morning urine
FRER First Response Early Result
FWIW for what it's worth
FX fingers crossed
HCG human chronic gonadotropin
HH9M happy & healthy 9 months
HPT home pregnancy test
HTH hope this helps
IC internet cheapie
IF infertility
IRL in real life
IUI intrauterine insemination
IVF in vitro fertilization
LH luteinizing hormone
LO little one
LP luteal phase
MC or M/C miscarriage
NTNP not trying, not preventing
O ovulation
O'd ovulated
OP original poster
OPK ovulation predictor kit
OT off topic
OTC over-the-counter (usually meaning medicine)
PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
PG pregnant, or pregnancy
POAS pee on a stick (i.e. pregnancy test)
PP previous poster
RE Reproductive Endocronolgist
SMU second morning urine
SO significant other
TCOYF Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler
TTA trying to avoid
TTC trying to conceive
Shakeeta, , , , BWing, college sweetheart wife to B & mama to MG1 (1-29-10), intact MG2 (4-22-12), & MG3 (12-11-14)

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