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Could you keep an eye out for? (Participants welcome!)

Hi fellow garage sale lovers! Let's band together and help each other out. If you are currently on the lookout for any items in particular and would like for us to keep to keep an eye out when we're out shopping at the yard sales, post it here.


For each item, please be as specific as possible and feel free to post a sample pic of the item(s).

Please list the cap price meaning the most you are willing to pay (this price should not include shipping. Just the yard sale price).

Keep in mind when listing items that you will have to reimburse the "finder" the cost of the item(s) on top of shipping and possibly Paypal fees. So make sure to only list items that will still be less expensive to obtain this way instead of having to buy it at the store full price.

**New guideline added 7-6-07

It's best to list only 2-3 items at one time for memory sake. Me personally, I have made a mental note of what each mama is looking for and if it's a long list, there's no way I can remember it all.


If any of you mamas think any other info should be added, just PM me and I will edit the post. Ready, set, go!

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