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Re: It's been awhile... any other early April mommies yet?

Okay so i couldn't delete it so I copy and pasted our story...

We just found out we are having baby #2 yesterday!! We took a test in the morning and then this morning and plan on it again tomorrow, since the plus was so faint and hard to see but definitely there! The test instructions say that ANY positive sign means you are pregnant, even if it's faint. It detects the hormone in small amounts. SO YAHOOO!!!! We are due April 9th!

My babies will be 15 months apart...are we crazy?! Both are planned and both conceived on the first try, very fertile I guess! My DH and I are thrilled and it sucks that we have to wait to tell everyone, although I think we will tell in about 3 weeks (I just had to tell someone so I told my close friend!)

I had gestational diabetes last time (insulin dependent) and am going to try to right the diabetes diet right from the start. I am STILL 30 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight! I gained about 50lbs! My son, Asher, was only 7lbs 8oz and 21" long, so I was able to manage my diabetes well.
I was on WW too but quit due to stress about 2 months ago, too much going on for us. So I already am taking better care of myself, even though we just found out yesterday. My mindset for healthy eating is there totally and I am already making good choices. I will try to keep it up! Last time I gained 7 lbs in the first trimester and this time I am hoping to shed a few pounds by exercising right from the start and eating as if I HAVE diabetes already! I don't get sick either, just a little nausea for a couple of weeks but that is controlled by EATING!! Yikes!!

Pregnancy and babies are so fun!! Congrats Mamas!!
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