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Re: Our journey home...

Bump for boring dirty pics! lol

wiring should be done this wknd. I think drywall will be going up soon. at least in parts of the house. dh is going to finish up the A/C and furnace. I think he's going to adjust the opening of the master closet door and the living room wall too. both need to be a bit smaller. The front door will be replaced too!!! It will need some paint but that's not a priority right now. They might be closing in the old entry door in front of the steps. Gosh, I'm sure there's more but that's a LOT!!! His brother is working so hard right now to help us get this done!!!! Thank Goodness, b/c I don't wanna live with my MIL for 2 months!!! lol Luckily we have some friends that are going to help too. One of dh's coworkers is going to help out tomorrow. One of dh's old childhood neighbor friend is a painter, and offered to help with that part! I need to do some serious baking for these guys!!!! (maybe beer would be easier though.... )
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