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Originally Posted by tonnabelle
What do you Mama's take for migraines during pregnancy? With my first I took a mild muscle relaxer and Darvocet, with my second I took Stadol, and now I'm I'm pregnant again with a different doctor. I have pretty debilitating tension migraines than can and have floored me. I also see a chiropractor, use a tens unit, and several other methods to keep them down, but when one hits, it hits HARD. Tylenol and other OTC meds don't really cut it for me.
What's a tens unit? Hehe. I get them, too, but strangely when I'm prego, they disappear. But I would occasionally get a headache and I would try to suffer through with piddly Tylenol or ibuprofen. I hate them! Hope you are able to find some relief soon, mama.
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