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Re: Are there still home ec teachers in school?

I suppose that depends on what you consider "Home Economics." When I was in school, Home Ec was a semester of sewing and a semester of cooking. At my daughter's high school, they have a whole category of electives called "Family and Consumer Sciences." It includes these classes
Interpersonal Relationships
Nutrition & Wellness
Adv Nutrition & Foods I
Adv Nutrition & Foods II
Child Dev & Parenting
Adv Child Development
Housing & Interiors I
Housing & Interiors II
Orientation to Life/Careers
Personal and Family Finance
I am not sure it's good enough to be honest. The housing and interiors classes, the way I read the manual, are really just decorating classes. The personal and family finance course really seems to read like it's more geared towards special needs teens and helping them learn to live on their own. It may not be, the description was filled with a lot of fluff. There's a different financial course offered in the business categories called personal finance that seems much more like what you would consider a personal finance type of course. The child development and the foods courses look like what you would expect. Some things I wish they had were some sort of sewing/mending/knitting or other textiles type of course, a gardening course, that maybe dabbled in a bit of canning, freezing that sort of thing. Also, something with basic home repairs would be great-how to repair a hole in drywall, how to do some basic plumbing repairs, that sort of thing. THAT, to me, is the REAL home ec stuff. And its stuff that so many people just don't know how to do anymore. If drano doesn't take care of the clog, call a plumber.
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