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ISO: lots!/ IHA: WAHM- updated 5/4

All items come from a dog-friendly home.
I'm terrible about checking the thread, so PM with interest! Thanks for looking!


Of course I'll always accept PP

-Rod and Staff Grade 4 Math: Teachers Manual
-Grade 4 Spellig
-Grade 4 Language Arts
Legos: sets or random loose ones
K'Nex: sets or random loose ones
GI Joe action figures
Harry Potter books- would prefer paper back (book 4+)
Movies- DISNEY, Dolphin Tale, Sorcerer's Apprentice, etc. TRY ME on any kid friendly movies!!! DS 1 is a movie kid!

BBB Serene Slumber Nighttime Fitted
Nighttime inserts
Hemp inserts
Large or OS fitteds- boyish or gn
-I know I like BBB, Dream-Eze, Raven Tree, GM, but try me on others!
WOOL -boyish, large: Soakers & Shorties: Play condition OK!!
-I know I like WCW, but try me on any!
-I would love to try a disana! or ecoposh, loveybums, etc.
CJ's BUTTer - unscented
Organic flip inserts
24 mos or 2T summer rompers
Soft-sole shoes that can be worn outside: He's currently in size 5

XXL tshirts- short sleeve
Shorts- size 36/ flat front (Linen is a plus!)
Short sleeve business/casual shirts- XLT or XXL (linen a HUGE plus!)
Business casual pants- 36/34 - flat front (again... linen is a plus!)

Patchwork hippie skirt
Enwrapture or like skirt
- try me on any "hippie" skirt
Essential Oils
- orange
- lemongrass
- lavander
- try me on others!
Taking Charge of Your Fertility
Snapping un-paper towels!
Cloth napkins


If you don't see what you are ISO, just pm me... I'm weeding out every corner of my house daily!

Anything in my shop!
- ring slings
- tag toys
- soft sole baby shoes
- satin flower headbands
- pictures here are examples.

OS Nifty Nappy

GIFTABLE Infantino Flip Baby carrier. Brand new in box

EUC Jeep 2 in 1 baby carrier. Original packaging included.

Infantino Tummy Time mat

Giftable- "Bless this Child" porcelain hanging cross

Baby Burt's Bees- Oil, diaper ointment, lotion, soap, shampoo/wash. I tried a tiny bit of the oil and diaper ointment. Just didn't like the scent.

NWT 12 month NIKE pants

Harry Potter Costume- Children's size small - cloak, scarf, and glasses.

2 White Sheer curtain panels - EUC. They are 95". Original packaging included.

All 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls on DVD

Traded or Sold:
Amazon gc for IDSO if the price is right! - traded
WAHM tshirt fitteds - SOLD
10 premium sized Indian PFs. They are new- have not even been washed yet! - keeping
Thirsties Covers - SOLD
Thirsties Duo Diaper Size 1- Cool Stripes sold!
Stethescope - TRADED
Mama to two perfect boys! T-11.26.02 and M-3.8.11


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