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Well, the wool is all listed and now its time to list the dipes. There are a lot and I have tried my best to organize them and note issues. I will not reference to EUC, GUC, etc as I strongly feel these terms lead to expectations that cant be met (different opinions). So as a general statement...all diapers have great elastic, snaps and are completely functional. There may be tine loose threads here and there and I consider that normal wear and tear, if its more than that, I will note it. Some have more wear than others, I will note issues. Our diapers are used here and almost all were bought 2nd hand here or from Spots in the condition they are in currently. All have been washed in Tide Original and recently sunned, some might like some more sun . If you have questions, please ask! I want you to be happy!

Fine print: I am ONLY iso PP, no trades. I will ship within two days to a PP confirmed address. Prices are listed at what I feel is fair and to cover shipping to the US only with DC. I might consider discounts if buying several but I am pricing them low as it is. I recommend insurance, if you want it, please ask. Once you ask for my pp addy I expect immediate payment. If pmt is not received within one hour I will move on. Im sorry but there are no holds because I need everything to go. If more than one mama is asking, the first to ask for my pp/pay gets it. In pp, please note what you are paying for (#), this will insure you get the right diaper! All items come from a smoke free, dog having home but he is potty-trained (jk, he never wore them! ).

PM with interest, PUT #'s in the SUBJECT BOX is the good stuff! Sold diapers will be colored red or noted in the thread if I cant get on the desktop right away. Thanks!

(All diapers are Goodmama, unless noted otherwise)

1. EBF stains may sun out $15 $12
2. EBF stains in the gusset, bleach spots on outer $15
3. Faint staining on soaker, not original soaker but matches $15 $12

4. No stains $18
5. No stains $18
6. EUC, worn once, washed once, still silky $28

7. Small EBF spots on soaker, bleached spots on inner gusset $12
8. Pilly outer, soft but headed to sherpa $12 $10
9. Pilly outer $15

10. Sherpa, specks on soaker $12 $10
11. Headed to sherpa but soft, faint EBF stains on soaker $12
12. CV, No stains $15 $12

13. Fading outer $15
14. Sherpa $15 $10
15. Fading outer $15

16. Faded outer, inner is sherpa $15 $12
17. Loose serging, thinning in gussets, staining, inner is sherpa $12 $10
18. Faded, pilly outer, soft but headed to sherpa $12

19. Sherpa $12 $10
20. Faint soaker staining $15
21. Loose serging, some is broken but not unraveling, fading outer $12

22. Fading outer, inner is soft but may be heading toward sherpa $15 $12
23. Fading outer, Sherpa and thinning inner, some staining $12 $10
24. Soft $18

25. Sherpa but soft, faint staining stripe down soaker $12
26. Soft and squishy $15
27. Soft $18

28. Pilly outer, faint spot on soaker $15
29. NIP, never taken out $33
30. NIP, never taken out $33

31. NWOP, never washed, worn or tried on $30

32. Zippy Doo Diaper- Pilly, specks on diaper inner but soaker is stain free $15 $12
33. Zippy Doo Diaper- Pilly outer $15 $12
34. Zippy Doo Diaper- Maybe fading on outer, stains on soaker $15

35. Zippy Doo Diaper- faint dark spots on soaker $15 $12
36. Raven Tree- Worn outer, faded and holes in the bindings, mismatched soaker, headed to sherpa $12 $10
37. Little Fancy Pants- Soft, one soaker snap ripped out accidentally $12 $10

38. BSRB- Snap converted, pin holes $12 $10
39. BSRB- Faded outer, stained soaker, pin holes $12 $10
40. BSRB- soft, pinholes, stained soaker $12

41. BSRB- Curly $12 $10
42. Sugar Plum Baby- Soft and stain free $15 $12
43. Sugar Plum Baby- Soft and stain free $15 $12

Thanks for looking!
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