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Re: What has your favorite age to parent been?

Originally Posted by hilaryisinked View Post
Baby, specifically 6 months to a year. I absolutely love that stage even though they still don't sleep.
It is very easy to break the first year or two down into even smaller time periods, especially if they're still young and it's all so fresh. I think by the time my oldest was 1 my favorite had been 6-9 months. Mostly because I was more confident and used to being a mom by then.

Originally Posted by Fashionably Green Baby View Post
My youngest is 11 months and my oldest is almost 7 and hands down I like the 0 to 2 year old phase the best. I love every stage but in the first 2 years they are learning and exploring so much and you are their entire world. They are full of love and they don't talk back yet. My 6 year old is brilliant (really she is extremely gifted) but she talks back from the minute she gets up until she falls asleep for the night. My 3 year old is special needs and he is Jekyll and Hyde. He can be the most loving sweet cuddly child BUT he always will throw a fit for over an hour (without a break) about a banana....yes, a banana. He has always been "high needs" but right before 3 he was diagnosed with a severe developmental delay and he has a speech delay (diagnosed much younger).
I think I would enjoy the toddler and pre-k stages much more if I only had DS2 They would possibly even beat out the baby phase. My ODS has SN and is so strong willed and frustrating that probably has a lot to do with it. DS2 is a much easier 2 year old than his brother was at this point (in most ways) and he is much more enjoyable. BUUT he has his brother to teach him all the way to get in trouble now
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