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Re: MMAO! Huge Destash: lots of handknits, wcw interlock, Bella Rose

In both pics she has them cuffed b/c they were too long. I can't seem to find any more recent photos without them cuffed.

Originally Posted by chickabiddy View Post
The only thing I worry about is the hips (especially if she takes after her mama). The measurements on her site seemed really narrow. Then I need to decide which to get...
The wcw interlock is very stretchy and I was pleased we never needed to move up into size large, the medium continued to fit until we stopped using diapers. But then again, my dd is slim. I did put them over sbish fitteds, which are bulky but I hate to just assume they'd work for your dd since every baby's shape is different. Sorry I can't be more help.
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