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all sold - please delete


M/L Air 2010
$70. Now $60ppd. Now $50ppd. Now $40ppd. Now $35. Now $32ppd. (not as soft; stiffer). Great play pants and more. We wore them out a good bit. The color is great, and the spots are not very noticeable. At the very least, they're very functional with no "issues" for around the house.
Air has a few faded spots on it - see right thigh in above pic.
(See spot behind tag on left hip)
(This is a light streak on the back of the leg. This picture is washed out, so the streak looks brighter/more prominent. In person, it almost looks like where the fabric was kept folded?) I've not tried to wash these heavily, but I know moms do machine wash them.

Inseams for all: ML Graphite 10.5
ML Air 10.75


ML Graphite 2008/2009 $230. Now $200ppd. Now $150ppd. Now $110ppd.

Medium Black Winter 08/09 $140. Now $125ppd. Now $100ppd.

Small Sprout 2009 $165. Now $150ppd. Now $110ppd.

Small Carbon $130. Now $115ppd. Now $95ppd.

Medium Squash 2008/2009 $150. Now $135ppd. Now $100ppd

Interlock soaker by Jae

VGUC. The interlock is quite stretchy. Slight fading, though the colors are still unique & vibrant. $14ppd. Now $12ppd. Now $11ppd.

Sbish Natural Soaker - Medium - BRAND NEW. Soft, squishy. No stains or issues. $80ppd including insurance - what we paid for it and didn't use it. From August 2009. Nice and stretchy, not like the 2010 stuff. Now $72ppd. Now $65ppd.-

Woolybottoms soft natural soaker (cashmere?) with pale peach interlock waist & leg cuffs. Small hole in back near waistband. See picture. Very functional. $15PPD

Rainbow Waters interlock shorts - size L
VGUC spring green shorties. Lots of stretch. Minor pilling (see photos). See last pic for two faint spots. No other issues or staining. $27ppd. Now $24ppd. Now $23ppd.

Rainbow Waters Soaker - size L
EEUC. No issues. Soft & stretchy. $17ppd.
Waist 14" (with lots of stretch)
Rise 18"

Woolybottoms Footies - FELTED
These are L/XL but have been felted. Wool is bulletproof but not stretchy. The interlock waistband is still stretchy. $14ppd.

Rainbow Waters Fish Shorties - Medium. GUC. These have a light colored shadowy stripe across right thigh. See picture. They also have loose threads on the hem of the left leg, and one of the fish has a little hole in it. Good function. $20ppd. Now $18ppd.

Bumby Playwool (Fuzzy Wool) - Large
Orange. These are new. Bought from another mom who didn't use them. We didn't use them either. $47ppd. Now $45 ppd. Now $43ppd. Now $40PPD with insurance

Rainbow Waters Cherry Red Longies - size small. Brand New - never worn. $45ppd. SOLD

Brand new RW interlock ruffle shorties in milk chocolate. No issues. Never worn. $38ppd.

Twee Shorties - all size small
All brand new & unworn. $38ppd for one. $72ppd for two. $109ppd or all three. Macintosh, Cobalt, Charcoal. CHARCOAL SOLD. MACINTOSH SOLD.
Lichen & Turnip. Same pricing as above Twee. LICHEN SOLD. ALL SOLD.
EEUC Twee shorties in Macintosh - size medium. No issues. Soft & stretchy. $36ppd. SOLD

These are beautiful small basil interlock shorties. This batch is from 2010.
The waist is 14in, inseam is 3in and rise is 10in. $45ppd. Now $40ppd.

Brand new Loveybums medium wool jersey cover in soft blue. Range 9-22 pounds. No issues. Perfect, soft, squishy. $28ppd.

WCW Milk Chocolate Longies - size small. EEUC. $42ppd. SOLD

EUC Rainbow Waters brown footies. Size XS. No issues. $35ppd. SOLD.

Super-sweet soft cashmere longies with cream lettice-edged hems. Cream interlock waistband. SOLD.

Far left wool crepe in medium sage green with dark teal buttons. Size NB/S. VGUC. Very slight color fading on brand tag - see photo. $13ppd.

Loveybum wrap - olive green with dark teal buttons and stitching. Size NB/S. EUC. $14ppd. SOLD

Elbee Wool wrap in dip-dyed turquoise/purple. Size S. There are two small areas where the binding has been stitched up. The fix has been completely adequate and not easily noticeable. See photos. GUC. $25ppd. SOLD.

Sbish Knit Carbon Longies - Medium EUC. $55ppd. Now $53ppd. Now $52PPD with insurance. SOLD.

Brand new XS Twee Macintosh & Lichen shorties from March 2012. Wonderfully soft & stretchy. Never worn. Lightly lanolized in ENI's Oats, Milk & Honey. $40ppd. Now $38ppd. Now $35 ppd. Both sold.

EEUC Twee shorties in Macintosh - size medium. No issues. Soft & stretchy. $36ppd.

Luxe Baby - Small
Lavender. EUC. No issues. Soaker still very soft, squishy, & stretchy. $32ppd. Now $30 ppd. Now $28ppd. OR BOTH LUXE SOAKERS FOR $52PPD

Luxe Baby - Small
Beautiful milk chocolate with pink edging. EUC. No issues. Soaker still very soft, squishy & stretchy. $32ppd. Now $30ppd. Now $28ppd. OR BOTH LUXE SOAKERS FOR $52PPD

EEUC XS Sbish soaker. Soft & stretchy. Never worn by us. Lightly lanolized in ENI's Oats, milk & Honey. I believe this is Lotus. Color is deeper (less bright) than pic shows. $45ppd. Now $43ppd. SOLD

Brand new RW shorties - orange XS. Never worn. Lightly lanolized in ENI's Oats, milk & honey. Very soft & stretchy. Color is more of a true pumpkin orange than the yellow-y shade in picture. $42 ppd. Now $39ppd. Now $36ppd. Now $34ppd. SOLD

Loveybums Wool Jersey Wrap - NEW - Medium

Beautiful new cover of mid-weight wool jersey in seafoam. No stains or issues. $25ppd.

Luxe Baby soaker - blue/gray size M/L

GUC. This item has been felted a bit. It fits more like a S/M to me, though the waistband is still plenty stretchy. No stains or spots. $15ppd

WCW Double Layer Interlock Soaker XS

EEUC WCW double layer soaker - lime & aqua. Lightly lanolized in ENI's Oats, milk & honey. $22ppd.

Newborn Longies

Cantaloupe/melon waist 11.5" rise 10" inseam 5"
Gray/orange cashmere: waist 12" rise 11.5" inseam 5.5"
Tiny pin dot hole on right leg & knee - see pics $10ppd for both pair

Brand new Rainbow Waters interlock ruffled shorties in milk chocolate - size XS. Never worn. Lightly lanolized in ENI's Oats, milk & honey. $36ppd. Now $34ppd.

EUC Luxe Baby natural soaker size XS. Very soft & stretchy. There is a tiny pin-dot size gray mark on the INSIDE of the leg opening that is not visible during wear. The last picture shows this on the left leg. $38ppd. Now $36ppd. Now $28 ppd.

DnF Interlock soaker - L
EUC Custom DnF soaker. Very soft & stretchy. Worn only a few times. waist 17.5" rise 20.5" $24ppd. Now $22ppd.

WCW Blue/green soaker - small. VGUC. No issues. $18ppd.

Woolybottoms Soaker - M

EUC Charcoal ribbed knit soaker with cream interlock leg casings. $17ppd. Now $15ppd. Now $13.50ppd.

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