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3SP - hand dyed wool interlock soakers and longies

Wool interlock is an amazing fabric that combines the best properties of wool and fleece. It is antibacterial, breathable, and simultaneously liquid repelling and absorbing like wool. It is super soft, breathable, and machine washable like fleece without the synthetic fibers.

3 Sweet Peas now offers totally custom longies and soakers made from wool interlock. Each item is hand dyed with the colors of your choice, up to three colors. Soakers are $35 plus shipping. Longies are $60 plus shipping. Turn around time is 1-2 weeks. Care instructions are included.

Each hand dyed print can be made into your choice of size.

Sizing as follows:

Small (newborn to 15 pounds):
Waist - 8"-14"
Thigh - 4"-6"
Rise - 14"
Inseam - up to 6"

Medium (12 to 30 pounds):
Waist - 14"-18"
Thigh - 6"-12"
Rise - 16"
Inseam - up to 8"

Large (20 to 40 pounds):
Waist - 16"-22"
Thigh - 8"-14"
Rise - 18"
Inseam - up to 10"

Hand crochet longies and soakers are also open to custom slots. Variable color choices and several solid color choices are available. Sizes are the same as above. Soakers are $30 plus shipping. Longies are $45 plus shipping.

Contact me, Katie, through Facebook, private message here on DS, or through email at

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