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Re: Cost break down of any system for less than $400, including organic options

This is great! I'm pregnant with our first and was really overwhelmed when I first started looking at diapers, especially since our budget is tight. Here's what I ended up getting:

6 packs of Osocozy birdseye flats from amazon (36 total flats)- $59.70
7 one size wool covers from MamaBear Babywear on ebay @ $18 each (2 thick, 5 medium, all no closure) - $126
Snappis, pack of five - $11.95
Wipes: made from old flannel and towels with holes I had sitting around.

Total so far - 197.65

I still need a diaper pail and some pins, maybe some more snappis, but basically I'll have everything I *need* for under $250.

There are still a few things I want, however, like I would love a couple one-size AIO diapers for outings and such, so I don't have to deal with flats while running errands. If my MIL doesn't get this, we'll end up buying them. I also want to buy some fleece to try my hand at some newborn fleece soakers, so by the time I'm actually done, I'll likely be around $350.

Thanks for posting this! I'm sure it'll be a big help to people trying to CD for the first time on a budget- I know I saw some things I'd wished I'd known about when I first started looking.
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