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Oh mama, I am so, so sorry you are having such a rough go of it.

I did UP/UC with my first, saw a midwife 3 times for prenatals with my second and saw a high risk OB for my 3rd.

This does not sound at all normal or necessary to me.

I told my OB I wasn't comfortable doing a PAP while pregnant, and he was fine with that, even though I was honest and told him it had been years since my last. Said we could easily do it at my 6 week check.

I was high risk and I saw him weekly from 5-20 weeks, twice a week from 20-26 and 3 times a week from 26 until I delivered (at home, unassisted) at 38 weeks.

He did the blood work that is required by law in my state, but that wasn't a big deal to me, because they had to take a ton of blood anyway to test for various blood clotting disorders.

I did the GBS and the GTT but there was no other testing beyond my very frequent BPPs, which are completely non invasive and I felt they were necessary in my particular case.

He gently brought up the possibly of induction at 35 weeks when my fluid was abnormally high, but suggested we take a wait and see approach and it was fine by the next week.

He said he would not be comfortable with me going past 41 weeks with my history, and we would have to talk induction after that. I willed myself into labor at 38 weeks. But, I did agree with him on everything.

I felt like he and I were partners working toward the common goal of a healthy baby with the least traumatic labor possible. He was very excited that I wanted to have a natural birth, he listened to me tell the stories of my first two children's births with interest and respect, and he told me up front that he tries to avoid induction in every patient because of the risks and the increased pain it causes, but because he was a high risk dr he rarely got to witness natural birth.

I never felt like it was possible to feel respected by a doctor. He was so awesome. I told him I had anxiety issues regarding checking my cervix at the end of pregnancy and he said that was fine, he didn't need to know if I was dilated or effaced. He respected my wishes completely.

I hope you can shop around and find you a new doctor. I am living proof that you can be comfortable with an OB even if you aren't typically comfortable with doctors. I'm thinking about you mama.
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