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Re: First time with an OB...Normal?

Originally Posted by Mom2lucy View Post
I could have written this myself. No way would
I ever go back to this doctor.

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I am also mainstream oriented (as in I would never consider unassisted birth) and I would RUN not walk away from this dr.

With my first pregnancy with MW who worked with OBs, she told me at my 20week appt I would be induced at 39 weeks (for no appreciable medical reason). And guess what? That's what she wanted to do with me at my 39 week appt.

I say if someone sounds as if they're bad/bad fit in a non-stress environment, imagine how bad it will be when you need to trust their judgment in the stress of birth.

It sounds like you've had a rocky road in the past with drs and the medical community. But your current experience is NOT the norm. With my current pregnancy (at 29 weeks) I have seen three different dr.

The one I picked, I discussed in non-agressive manner (b/c I wanted to yell and scream about bad past experiences and demand different care) what my goals were and asked if he was comfortable in assisting me meeting them. I saw him at 18 weeks for the first time and the only thing he was a little pushy about was making sure I was sure about declining the Quad screening. The only reason he was "pushy" was because he wanted me to know that I was at the deadline and couldn't change my mind!

The other thing I might suggest is looking for a family doctor who delivers babies. They do exisit. They tend to handle low risk moms and more hands off approach.

The good news from this is you know NOW not later that this dr is bad and that all the tests you've done can be forwarded to the good dr/mw that you find in the furture.
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