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Re: First time with an OB...Normal?

Great...I was so afraid this wasn't "normal." In ND, my options are very limited when it comes to OB's. I am over 2 hours from a regular hospital with actual birthing suites, and I went through 3 of the OB's that deliver there by way of phone interviews. I mean the Dr I am seeing now seems totally normal compared to the crap they were telling me. This is the reason I went home to CA for all my other babies. Prior to this pg, I had 5 losses in 15 months, and no one here found that odd. I was refused all Hcg and Progesterone testing by every Dr I called, including the GP's. They aren't seen as something I "need" to know. I feel violated in a sense. My Nurse called me when she got all the results back and was excited when she said everything was negative, and how unusual it was they see that. Usually something pops up positive. My DH and I have been married forever, and we were both virgins when we married. Is it wrong to feel slightly icked out by her comment? I don't know what to do. We are so rural that my options are really limited. I am trying to be open minded, but it's starting to really wear me down.
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