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Re: First time with an OB...Normal?

I've had a CNM hospital birth, a home birth, and with this one I am seeing an OB.

I am over 3 hours from the hospital. My last labor was 4 hours. The OB talked about inducing me on my due date if baby hadn't come by then only because DH and I are on spring break that week and will go to the city for that week. I am due the last day of spring break, so I'd be going home at 40 weeks. He said depending on how my cervix looks, we can induce with a balloon catheter (or something like that?) on my due date. He didn't mention anything earlier than 40 weeks.

I don't have to do any testing I don't want to do. I didn't have any exams done at my first visit. I would find a different doctor.
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