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Is there a statute of limitations on DiaperSwappers mod-issued warnings?

... or strikes, for that matter?

I've been issued warnings over the course of about 18 months for having multiple threads in one FSOT category. I try hard to remember to check whether I have an old one before posting a new one but sometimes it's just so darn hard to keep track.

This last time the mod said that it was my 3rd warning and the next offense would result in a strike. I'm not really sure what that means - sounds terrifying - but I assume that it's related to having FSOT privileges removed.

What I'm wondering is whether these warnings or strikes have some kind of time limit (i.e. after a certain period of time they would expire and clear from your account, sort of like DMV traffic points, or accidents on one's insurance record) or whether they stay in effect regardless of how old they are. Such that the next time I make the mistake of multiple posts, I'm outta here?
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