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Re: Lactational Amenorrhea Method

This is an old thread but for anyone who might happen on it and want more info, we have been doing LAM and so far so great. DS is almost 1yr and no sign of PP on the horizon. I have stuck to the rules up until 6 mos. when we introduced solids but even now his primary source of nutrition is probably still BF'ing. Or at least half.
I can say that I think it helps to be thin as weight does affect cycles and hormones. I lost weight so rapidly after having DS, I have been 2 sizes smaller than my pre-pregnancy size for 6 mos. now. At first I was very concerned but now I realize this is how my body is when BF'ing. For me, it's part of the Amenorrhea.
My husband and I have worried a little that by the time we WANT to get pregnant again (probably in about 6 mos.) I may still not be fertile!
Won't be a big deal
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