Thread: Ugh, boy names!
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Ugh, boy names!

I have had the perfect girl's name picked out since before I ever had a child. Of course, we found out today we're having another boy, so it's back to the drawing board. if you were curious, the girl name is Flannery. My older son's name is Murphy.

For this one, we will probably use the middle name Robert, and our last name is a single syllable and starts with K.

Actually, my husband and I both like the name Finn quite a bit, but there is a problem. Our very good friend has a dog named Phineus, who everyone always calls Phin. I'm actually pretty close with the dog, too, he lived with me for awhile. Seems weird to name a child the same as a dog that you know. To be honest, he's 8 years old, and it's not like he's gonna be around forever...but still.

A few other names I am kicking around in my head: August, Linus, Gideon, Jasper, Silas, Lorcan, Leif

Ideas and opinions, please!
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