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Insurance doesn't cover prenatal or maternity care...what are my options?

We are considering switching from my husband's work insurance to independent insurance. We would be saving about $600 a month. However, the independent provider does not provide prenatal/maternity coverage. We plan to have another baby and hopefully within the next year. So, now we are weighing the two options. I've had two children in the hospital with no complications/naturally. I don't think a home birth is for me, but would consider birthing centers.

Any suggestions for Independent insurance providers that do provide maternity coverage or other ways to save on prenatal/maternity costs? (I don't believe we would qualify for medicaid per income levels)

***Update-really leaning towards going with the birthing center no matter what coverage we go with. I think this options sounds great.
***Also leaning towards the private/individual insurance plan and setting up a health savings account.

Any thoughts on the updates?

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