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. . .of my potty-trained 3 year old pooping in his pants EVERY SINGLE DAY because he just doesn't want to stop what he's doing and go sit on the potty until 2 minutes AFTER he just can't hold it anymore. If I catch him about to go, and get him to the potty, he holds it and goes in his pants later. If I catch him just starting to go and get him to the potty, he holds it, and "finishes" later. If he catches himself mid-poop and takes himself to the potty, same thing. He trained himself to poop in the potty long before he was ready to go pee there. He KNOWS when he needs to go. Now, all of a sudden, he just won't. If I ask him why, he will TELL me he didn't want to stop playing to go potty.

We've tried every motivator I can think of - pick out the favorite underwear, stickers, lollipops, playing "Angry Birds" on my phone - nothing works. Plus, his skin is so sensitive that when he poops in the pants, his bottom is sore for hours afterward. I don't know what else to do, but I'm just about ready to go bang my head against a brick wall somewhere.
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