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Since it seems like you're after carbs, can you try 100% whole wheat crackers? Reduced sodium would be good if you are eating a lot of them. You could break them into smaller pieces and chew for longer periods of time.. That's what I did, so I didn't inhale a whole box of crackers each day.

Have you tried getting club soda and mixing it with fruit juice? That would work if it's the carbonation or sugar that helps settle your stomach. You can also find carbonated fruit juice (I know Welch's makes some but I am partial to Izze). It's just as much sugar as soda, but it's natural (usually - check the label) and you won't be getting all of the preservatives, artificial color, artificial favors, and HFCS that you do from Coke.

Sour things also helped when I was nauseated. I would slice a lemon into a pitcher of water and let it sit overnight - and if I felt like eating but had already had more than enough, I would have a glass of water instead. When it was really bad, sucking on lemon slices helped, too.

Hope this passes soon for you!
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