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Originally Posted by jac1976
Did they give you a reason why he did not qualify for an IEP? Does he have a 504 in place?

I have a 7 yo DS on the spectrum. If my son's behavior was deteriorating in school, I would request a meeting with the teacher and maybe even the IEP team (or whatever group of people made the decision that he didn't need an IEP.) I'd try to get to the bottom of his behavior. For my son sometimes it has been sitting with boys who tend to chat, or near a window- anything that sets his sensory issues off. Does your son struggle with anxiety at all? Did he say why he felt like he had to get an A? I think the deteriorating behavior and the cheating are big red flags that something isn't working for your son in this classroom, and I would certainly be meeting with the school to try to figure out what is going on and how it can be fixed.
His last IEP meeting was in 1st grade, last year, and hey said that because his behavior was good and it was not affecting him in class they could not recommend it.

I am really thinking a new IEP meeting is in order. You are right, something is not working here.
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