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Re: Question for those on progesterone suppositories!

I've been on them 6x's for all my IVF/FET cycles, 4 full term pregnancies and one early m/c. I take 3 200 mg's a day. My RE never told me to abstain and we never did. I never had an issue. Pregnancy in general can make your cervix more sensitive. So, yes, are more likely to spot, but that isn't a big deal and I never did. Well, I had a heavy bleed with one pregnancy, but it had nothing to do with progesterone.

I say ignore that advice and enjoy yourself while you can.


ETA - For my night time dose, if I thought we might DTD, I would try to wait till we were done to do it. But, a lot of times, I didn't know. We just DTD'd when the mood hit and didn't worry about my suppositories or when I'd put one in, even if it was just a few minutes ago. We just did our thing. It was never a problem for me or my 6 kids.
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