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Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
We do it while rocking and reading books. Sometimes we do it while watching Barney.

I promise it gets easier if you do it while kiddo is awake. The first time, my son cried so hard he puked IN the mask. But after a week, he got used to it, and it became routine. Now, at 3, he falls asleep doing it.

We did 5 albuterol and 2 pulmicorts a day at first. Gradually weaned to pulmicort only twice a day, and now most of the time, we are down to 1 pulmicort a day.
Agree! My son used to fight me like crazy and I did have to restrain him for a week or so and then it got much easier after that. Baby Einstein Movies helped keep him still. It was sad to have to restrain him, but much better than constant ER trips and me not sleeping at night being worried about his breathing!
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