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Re: Dog still has fleas:(

Adams flea spray and dip, recommended by our vet, but available otc, work for us and we too are in Texas where fleas are bad.

I do not like giving my dogs such harsh chemicals for flea control and this stuff is miraculous. I have compared it to the frontline and other rx methods before I knew how bad they were and I get excellent results using Adams. No outbreaks in the last year and half we have been using it, just a flea or two and we treat with the spray when we see them.

I hope you will at least consider Adams before spending mega $$ for strong meds that require a vet visit and have strong side effects. PM me if you need any details on how we did it. Basically, it was dip if there were abundant fleas, which only has happened once early on in our experience. And we use the spray after bathing them we have seen a flea or two. Only a couple times a year is the spray needed.
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