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Re: First time with an OB...Normal?

I am pretty mainstream -- get all the tests, U/S ect. I would find a new OB. Infact I refused to see a couple of the OB's in the practice I go to for those very reasons. They didn't listen to me and only wanted to do things thier way.

One of my OB that I saw tried to push an induction starting when I saw her at 35 weeks based on my previous fast birth. I just didn't see her again and went back to the one OB that really listened to me and new my concerns. We talked about inductions depending on how I was progresing at 39 weeks.

DS2 was born in 20 min from first contraction to birth. I had only milld cramping before that so no "normal" early labor warning signs. Even with that previous birth my OB was more that fine with letting me decide what was the best course.
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